Soles of Passion – Land of the Big Blue Sun

Soles of Passion - Land of the Big Blue Sun

Over the course of the last two years, we’ve been fortunate to check out a few tracks from Soles of Passion. We feel that the band’s latest release Land of the Big Blue Sun is an effort that not only builds off of the sounds and styles initially broached in singles like Say I Will and in their Escape from Jurisdiction B album. The EP begins with Turned It All Around, a track that really showcases the distinct heart/mind dichotomy of the American electorate.

Land Of The Big Blue Sun will immediately strike listeners with its usage of a timeless, traditional country approach. When Myla’s vocals begin, they add a bold highlighting to this instrumentation. While there are a number of things occurring at any one second during Land Of The Big Blue Sun, Soles of Passion are able to unite the distinct elements into something compelling and cogent. The band is able to ride a wave of goodwill into It’s So You. The track blends together soulful, sunny rock in the fashion of Santana and Sheryl Crow; a sizzling guitar will draw listeners in by the boat load. A more contemplative side to Soles of Passion reaches prominence here, further boosting the replay value. I feel that this sound dovetails nicely with the final song on the Land of the Big Blue Sun, I’m Beggin You Now. I’m Beggin You Now ties together artists as diverse as The Bangles with The Eagles and Bananarama. Soles of Passion are able to showcase so many different styles and approaches over the space of their latest EP, Land of the Big Blue Sun that one can listen to the release multiple times and still be blown away by how distictive each single is.

Top Tracks: Land Of The Big Blue Sun, I’m Beggin You Now

Rating: 8.5/10


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