Why You Need to Buy a Firm Mattress

The waterbed fad of the 80s is long gone and most people nowadays just want a good, firm mattress. As a savvy shopper, your decision should be driven not only by the latest trends in bedroom furniture, but primarily by health concerns, especially if you’re interested in getting a good night’s rest with no back pains.

According to John Rockwell, a renowned mattress blogger and the owner of MattressPicks, “In the past, if you were interested in getting a firm mattress, you would have to go for an innerspring mattress set atop robust box springs”. Depending on the brand, this typically meant you had to trade comfort for firmness. With modern technology, this is no longer the case. A majority of current mattress types deliver both firmness and comfort.

The firmer the mattress, the better

People that choose to use firm mattresses do so for a number of reasons. Just remember that medical professionals such as doctors and chiropractors also recommend getting at least seven hours of good-quality sleep on a firm mattress. Some of the benefits attributed to this include the following:

Increased comfort–It is not possible have too much support. It is, however, possible for support to be too little. This is especially the case as you age and become more prone to joint, neck and back problems.

Proper spine alignment – Proper posture is important, especially while you are sleeping. If your spine is misaligned for several hours, moving around normally the following day will be difficult. You’re back is more likely to be properly aligned when you use a firm mattress, meaning moving around the next day will not be difficult.

Better-quality rest – It’s not possible for your body to rest on a mattress that is sagging or soft because you will always be adjusting yourself trying to get a better position. In addition to keeping your spine properly aligned, you also need to keep other body parts such as the neck and the limbs comfortable in order to have a good night’s rest.

Appropriate weight distribution – Lack of proper support leads to your body sagging unevenly in one direction, which would in turn result in a misalignment of muscles and joints.

Lasting health benefits – Sleep experts will all tell you that proper sleep translates to proper health. While you’re asleep, numerous processes take place in your body for the purpose of rejuvenating and repairing various cells. Blood sugar levels and hormone production are regulated. A firm mattress, such as tuft and needle, ensures quality sleep, which is perfect for these processes.

Getting the right firmness

When a mattress is too firm, you risk having sleep and health problems. Your body needs to be in a neutral position when it is supported by your mattress. Your spine should have the proper curvature, with your head, shoulders, heels and buttocks being properly aligned. A mattress that is too firm pushes too hard on these important pressure points, leaving you misaligned.

On the other hand, when it’s too soft, support for these pressure points is inadequate and your body sags awkwardly, so make sure you get the firmness right.


Sujain Thomas has worked as a sales manager in the home furniture industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to bedroom furniture, including shopping for tuft and needle.


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