Left Arm Tan – El Camino

Left Arm Tan’s El Camino ties together a wide array of styles even from its introductory moments. There are hints of desert rock and alternative that will immediately hit listeners. A strong vocal side is matched with talented instrumentation to allow Left Arm Tan ample opportunity to create their own brand of country music. The multiple part harmonies and emotive guitar lines make this effort something that could easily be slotted into country radio station. There is just enough of a hint of rock presented here that fans of the Counting Crows or Wilco will be able to find something that they appreciate.

The extended instrumental section that ties together the two disparate sections of El Camino showcases the raw talent and passion of teh band. When the act is able to ratchet up the momentum for one last go, the resulting track is something that will keep listeners firmly on the edges of their seats. This is a fulfilling track that will continue to yield new twists and turns as one continues to listen to the single. For additional samples of Left Arm Tan’s music, give their Soundcloud a spin. The rest of 2017 (and the beginning of 2018) will yield some additional music from this band. Make sure to follow them on their social media for additional information about these new tracks. Their full EP will be available to the masses in the middle of February, 2018. Let us know what you think about El Camino in the comment section below.

Left Arm Tan – El Camino / 2017 Self Released / https://soundcloud.com/user-25873071 / http://www.leftarmtan.com

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