Looking for the Best Line Marking Machine? Here are 10 Things You Need to Know

From football pitches to airports, line marking machines play an integral role in ensuring proper partitioning of surfaces for effective use. If you are looking to buy a line marking machine, there are certain factors you need to consider which will enable you to find the best device that caters to all of your needs.

  1. Magnitude and type of job

It is advisable for you to choose a device which can offer different line marking widths thereby giving you flexibility to choose which size works best depending on the specific task at hand. In addition, be sure to find appropriate-sized machine which will fit in your storage space.

  1. Type of pump

There are two main types of pumps for line markers; piston pumps and diaphragm pumps. A diaphragm pump has the benefit of being lightweight and low-maintenance, thereby making it highly efficient.

  1. Capacity of paint tank

Select a line marking machine that has a suitable-sized tank to accommodate enough paint. This prevents time wastage in having to refill the tank every now and then.

  1. Surface to be painted

Before buying a line marking machine, take into consideration the surface that you wish to paint. For example, if you’ll be marking a concrete basketball court, then ensure that your machine has non-puncture tires which won’t get worn out easily by the rough surface.

  1. Cost

Choose a suitable device that matches your budget and offers the best value for money. Don’t be tempted to go for a cheaper low-quality device since it will only result in poor results which will incur an added cost of replacing the machine. If you lack the financial ability to buy your own machine, then consider hiring out a device from a reputable company.

  1. Data storage

If you’re undertaking a massive project that requires accurate data collection, then it would be wise to invest in a top-quality line marking machine that provides data storage for every individual user. It provides information on the user’s walking speed, the number and location of fields done as well as the time taken to complete each assignment.

  1. Operating hours

Select a line marking machine that has a sufficient battery capacity which allows you to complete a substantial amount of work before the next recharge.

  1. Mode of operation

If you’re marking several large fields, then a hand-drawn machine might not be the best option. Consider getting a ride-on line marking machine that allows you to get the job done efficiently while offering maximum comfort to the user.

  1. Accuracy

Do you struggling with getting perfectly straight lines? Well, luckily for you, technology offers an excellent solution to this problem. Select a modern line marking machine that has GNSS technology, laser beam guiding or satellite tracking for perfect right angles and excellent straight lines.

  1. Company reviews

When choosing a company to buy from, select a reputable institution with many years of experience in creating the best line marking solutions. In addition, be sure to read product reviews as well as testimonials from previous buyers.

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