An interview with Jerelle

An interview with Jerelle

We are talking to Jerelle today. Can you give us a little background information about yourself? For our U.S. readers, can you give us a little education about Kitchener-Waterloo?

Kitchener-Waterloo is a small city of 200,000 people. Just an hour away from Toronto. Always had hometown love for this city but was always wanting to push my music outside of just that city. I grew up in this city. Born and raised by my single mother, helping raise my younger two younger brothers.

Leaving Kitchener at 22 to push the career and go to school at Metalworks in Mississauga i met my team and started taking things further than just doing it alone like i had been for years.

How did you get into music?

I got into music initially because of my mother.. She used to play all of the old school hip-hop and R&B classics. From Boys Two Men to Nelly. I had no rhythm growing up and i had my mom hella worried hahaha. In the 6th grade I wanted to dance so bad. I took all grade 7 and 8 and worked on my rhythm and movements. Momma wasn’t so scared anymore. After i got to high school, I started taking music seriously. Recording and waiting till momma left to work. School books were clouded with raps and songs in my books. I did my first show ever in grade 10.. for an after hours school show. From there i fell in love with the struggle. I wanted to become one of the biggest artist.. still do. Won’t stop till I do.

What sort of work have you put into the recording and creative processes for this release?

The creation of this project came together when our single “Tidal Wave” was put together. My team and I were getting together to produce every Thursday. Once they all left, I began work on the records themselves. Cycling in every 3 songs produced, I would finish them for the following week. The projects sound was mainly created by hard hitting kicks and rockish guitar cords. The project was worked on for about a year. The creating, the planning, the business and now we have been doing shows for the passed 4 months.

What does your recording set up look like (what do you use to record, what are your favorite tools)?

My recording set-up was done differently through out the process. Working in others home studios was where I was getting all the masters done.. but mainly been recording everything in my very own basement. I am using an Audio-technica AT2035 and using an old school US-122L Tascam as my audio interface. I have had this interface since the start and it hasn’t failed me since. I use Ableton for mainly production and then Logic for recording but getting the hang of Protools recently. I am also in love with the M-audio code 49 Midi Keyboard… that one is my baby.

Tell us a bit more about your latest single Swimming.

“His newest single ‘Swimming’ was written off fresh feeling. The hook ‘I be swimming in women’ was an attempt for Jerelle to cloud the memory of a past love, by trying to be with other women, and keeping his old flame in the deepest corners of his mind. The more he had done so, the more it killed him inside. This catchy hook, and relatable experience will get anyone reminising about the ‘one who got away’.”

Which sort of social media website have you had the best successes with? What about these online services are different from the traditional face to face meeting and performances that musicians utilize?

Recently we have had a huge following through our Instagram and I love this app because firstly I love Photography and i love posting what we have been up to. It’s easy to engage with our audience this way as well. Soundcloud has always been a low-key favourite. Putting out free music hasn’t been so easy. We have a few records on there with more than a couple thousand plays and are still growing. My favourite record of mine “to him..” hit 115 thousand plays just a few days ago and if you listen to that record it’s a very meaningful song.. I appreciate the love we get when it’s something as relatable as that one.

What should listeners expect from your music in the future? How can interested NeuFutur readers hear Swimming? How has the public response been for your previous singles?

I plan to take my music as far as it is possible to go. I want to make this my job. I already treat it like it has been and always was. Swimming can be found everywhere you can stream music from Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Google play to Tidal and anywhere else you are listening to music. The interaction has been been increasing since the start of this project push and it’s only getting better.

What does the rest of 2017 hold for your music and tour date wise?

Well for the rest of 2017.. We have a project dropping on November 24th, many many shows including an open for Sonreal and Blaque Keyz in Waterloo (Near Toronto) and we plan to release more visuals for the project! Also.. you read it here first.. been working on a second project already.

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