Conceptz (featuring Styles P) – Grind Mode

Conceptz, a duo, comes forth from New York and has just released a new single, Grind Mode. The track builds off of the rap scene from the 1990s. This means that there are hints of Nas, Black Sheep, and Raekwon all heard here. A throwback backing beat is the glue that holds the effort together. With a punchy vocal flow, Conceptz is a performer that can come forth with something familiar while cutting through new territory. The production of Grind Mode is solid, making for a track that could easily be heard on rap radio rotation or prominent placement on Spotify playlists. Check out the video for Conceptz’s Grind Mode below the jump.

There are enough change-ups and shifts through vocal styles and subject material that Grind Mode stays refreshing even five or ten spins in. The feature by Styles P feels natural and is incorporated perfectly into Grind Mode. Each of the three performers here contributes something slightly different, while building up a high amount of momentum as listeners continue to delve into Grind Mode. The punchiness of the production continues to yield dividends, as it provides highlighting for specific phrases and lines.

Make sure to visit Conceptz’s websites and social media profiles for additional samples and information about this performer. We’re expecting the world from these performers; Grind Mode is one of the most confident and catchy introductions that we have ever heard from a performer. Expect a big 2018 from Conceptz.  I’d love to see what the act can do when including a rapper like Freddie Gibbs or Big KRIT. Until then, we’ll be playing Grind Mode until the wheels fall off.

Rating: 8.5/10

Conceptz – Grind Mode Single / 2017 Self Released / 3:56 / /

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