How to Write Your Research Paper: Excuses to Avoid

Common Excuses to Avoid When You Need To Write Your Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be a tedious activity especially when the topic is not interesting to the writer. Therefore, one of the most common thing that students do is decide not to work on the assignment and then, come up with excuses as to why they were not able to complete the research paper. Writers at suggest a specific list of excuses that they can give whenever they find themselves in a situation whereby they have not done their homework.


Self-protection is a mechanism that allows individuals to find various excuses to offer to someone whenever they had an obligation of handling a particular task, and they fail to do. This can be most evident when it comes to college students not having done their homework. As a result, the mechanism works by offering excuses to seek to pardon out of pity, get more time of handling a tedious task and to get help from friends among others. Whenever I plan to write my research paper, I get the feeling of letting my friends complete their work so that I can copy or get ideas from what they have done.

Why You Don’t Like Writing Your Research Paper

Among the reasons of why writing a research paper can be a tedious activity is that some topics are boring and they required large texts. As a result, getting the ideas to write down regarding such topics turns out to be a tough process especially in the event whereby the person does not have enough time to work on the assignment.

Also, students might end up having numerous assignments with short deadlines. In such a case, working on the research paper becomes difficult since the student has to work hard so that they can meet the deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines can result in penalties which, in turn, hurt someone’s overall grade. Therefore, this brings the issue of giving excuses when writing a research paper or when the person fails to do so. In addition, one does not have to go through all this strain due to the availability of research paper writing service companies.

Common Excuses:  Full-time Job

 One of the excuses that individuals give when they fail to write their research paper on time is having a full-time job. Such a job requires a lot of commitment, and therefore, this leaves a person with minimal time of handling class work. Hence, there are very high chances that they will not complete the research paper on time and thus force them to give the excuse of a full-time job. Also, another excuse is the idea of having other research papers that are due the same time. In such a case, one is left in a dilemma regarding the paper that they should work on first and which of them they should handle lastly. All research papers are equally important because they add up to the semesters overall grade and therefore, they have to be done. So, one can give this excuse so that they can get a deadline extension to be able to complete the papers.

Preparation for a Test

Another common excuse that people give for not completing their research paper is the preparation for a particular standardized test. Such tests are normally involving and require a lot of time and commitment to ensure full assimilation of whatever someone is studying. Therefore, given a research paper at such a particular time can be hectic for a student and they end up choosing to focus on the preparation for the standardized test since it adds more value to the overall grade as compared to the research paper. Besides, planning ahead is another way of getting a deadline extension. Giving a last minute excuse to the professor may sound like a procrastination, and hence, it is important to notify them in advance.

Good Class Work

As well, showing a good impression of how committed you are in class work is a great way of convincing the professor whenever a deadline extension is necessary. This is done by being active during class hours such as the participation in discussions and answering questions. In case an unexpected event occurs such as an accident or death, it is important to make the professor aware of time so that they can take the necessary action towards a deadline extension.

Talking to the professor in person makes more sense and gives the student a higher chance of being given a deadline extension. This is in contrast to emailing the professor. In addition, being specific in the excuse adds to the chances that the professor will grant the students wish. Therefore, it is important to work on the excuse well before deciding to present it to the professor.

Your Computer Died

Also, a common excuse is that someone did the assignment, but their computer died before they could send it. Hence, one might end up getting a second chance of doing the assignment. In addition, claiming that one has been sick can offer them the same favor of deadline extension.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, with the wide range of excuses that are available, the act of writing a research has become less tedious since students can fake their way into getting a deadline extension. As a result, they end up doing the paper in their comfort. Also, this gives them a chance to get help from their friends who have already submitted their assignments.

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