Liam Gallagher – As You Were

Much like Ray and Dave Davies before them, the Gallagher Brothers have nearly let their rivalry and constant sniping at each other almost entirely overshadow their talent. But as Liam Gallagher shows with his first proper solo effort, “As You Were,” when he’s focused on the music, he is one of the best pop singers going nowadays.

Liam had two decent efforts with Beady Eye, his post Oasis band, but it’s on this, his solo outing, that he really shines. Across a dozen tracks, beginning with the opening rocker “Wall of Glass,” with the bluesy harmonica and steady riffs, Liam proves time and again that even though Noel wrote the bulk of the hits from Oasis, his writing chops are just as impressive.

Elsewhere on the record, “Paper Crown,” is a beautiful moment with cryptic lyrics, but an impossible to resist chorus. Oasis was always slagged for cribbing too much from The Beatles and while the boys from Liverpool can still be heard throughout “As You Were,” you can also hear passing nods to everyone from The Jam and Morrissey to the Foo Fighters. An impressive record, from start to finish.

Liam Gallagher – As You Were/12 tracks/Warner Bros./2017 /

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