On the Border (Texarkana, TX)

As most of our readers know, we embarked on a journey southward. We moved to the southern sector of Arkansas and are equidistant to places like Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Jackson, Mississippi. As a result, there are a number of new chains that we simply did not have (or were not close to us) when we still lived in Ohio. On the Border is one of these. About fifty miles up the road in Texarkana, TX, there is a location that we always passed as we go to our local mall. Being curious about the company as we always see their products in our local supermarkets, we decided to pick up dinner there one night.

Setting us immediately after entering the restaurant, a festively-dressed server immediately provided us with chips and salsa. The robustness of the aforementioned salsa is not, bursting with just enough heat to make things exciting. The chips are not seasoned to any degree as they represent the canvas upon which the deep and varied salsa can truly shine.

We ordered two drinks; a Dos Equis lager and The Prickly Pear margarita which shines with its inclusion of Corazon Blanco tequila and Patron Citronage orange liqueur. It seemed like only a few minutes before our server came out with a massive amount of food – the Border Sampler ($12.99). This could easily be a meal in itself. The chicken and cheese that were ensconced in tortillas were brought to an entirely new level when a bit of sour cream and salsa was included in the mix. The amount of steak that was included on the loaded nachos was ample and ensured that one would always have a bite of meat when they picked up a chip. Finally, the mini chicken chimi married together savory with sweet flavors; ample amounts of sour cream, pico and guacamole concluded this appetizer.

We chose two of On The Border’s featured entrees for dinner – the Chimichurri Chicken & Shrimp ($14.99) and The Ultimate Fajita ($15.99). The amount of variation present with the constituent parts of the Chimichurri Chicken & Shrimp ensured that one’s taste buds were continually being sated. The bit of spice on the chicken was moderated through a generous helping of rice, while the sauteed veggies were perfectly al dente. The portion size of this entree was ample enough to split over two meals, especially after the massive amount of food we received with the Border Sampler.

The Ultimate Fajita was a spectacle as it came to our table sizzling. For our 2 year old, the sight was something to behold. The masses of meat on the fajita – steak, shrimp, chicken, and carnitas – only were matched by the second plate of rice and beans that were brought alongside. While the tortillas made the fajitas, I felt that the seasoning on the meat and mouth feel of the rice and beans were absolutely sufficient. 

In fact, we were so sated by the end of our entrees we had to forego our typical desserts. Imagine the scene in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life of an idea about how full we really were.

Our experience with On the Border was uniformly positive. The server was fantastic, the dishes came out extremely quickly, and we were asked no less than four times if we needed anything during our time eating dinner. The company offers specials during the weekend (we came during the $2 taco Tuesday special, for example).

On the Border is located at 4300 St Michael Dr in Texarkana, TX 75503. The restaurant is open from 11 to 11 every day. 




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