Top Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Training Is Not Paying Off

For any weight loss target to be met, it is important that you tackle it on two fronts. You need a controlled calorie deficit diet to encourage the body to break down the fats to meet its requirement. In fact, in the early stages of a weight loss program, the diet is invariably more effective than working out. However, it is only when you combine exercise with dieting that you will get the real benefits of an overall improvement in health, a better physique, and reduction of the risk of many chronic diseases. Some reasons why your weight loss mission may be tanking:

Your Exercise Regimen Does Not Include Weight Training

You may be inclined to think that weight training is for people who are interested in building muscle not losing weight. However, your metabolic rate is largely dependent on the extent of your lean tissue so it is a good idea to start adding muscle to boost your metabolism and burn off the calories. To add muscle fast, you need weights heavy enough be a real challenge to complete 8-12 reps. You also need to keep up the exercise volume by performing 8-10 exercises with at least 3 sets of each in each session. Core exercises like pulls, joint press, squats, etc. will pay more dividends.

You Are Focused on Performing Cardio Exercises

Even though cardio exercises are effective in building endurance, they simply are not your best alternative for losing weight. In fact, some studies even try to suggest that cardio leads to long-term weight-gain, possibly due to the reduction of muscle mass consequent to endurance training. According to experts, it is far better to take up high-intensity interval training, which is basically performing intense training and then resting. The method is recommended since it burns calories exercising as well as resting. Aim to have an exercise intensity level in excess of 80% as the metabolic rate stays enhanced for more than 10 hours post-exercise. Ask your trainer whether you should look at buying supplements at legal steroids.

Not Varying the Exercise Routine

Even though the theory of confusing muscles by changing the exercises has no basis, there are other good reasons for altering your exercises every once in a while. You need to progressively overload your body otherwise it becomes accustomed to a particular effort; you, therefore, need to make it more challenging so that your body keeps on making progress. Also, performing the same old routines can become boring so changing the exercises is a very good way of keeping things fresh and boosting your motivation. A few tweaks here and there can prevent boredom from creeping in and making you skip the sessions.


While going to the gym to lose weight is great, you should use it as an excuse to follow a sedentary lifestyle for the rest of the day. For your weight loss to be effective, maintain an active lifestyle; activities like walking, playing, dancing, gardening, and even household chores can keep the calories burning while you continue to have fun.


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