5 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Breakage

I don’t have exact figures, but I’d be willing to bet that 98% of smartphone owners have broken their phone screen at least once. At best, you pay to have it fixed at a dodgy phone shop, and it’s never quite the same again. At worst, it’s damaged beyond repair and you’re forced to splash out on buying a new one.

To prevent this from happening again, there are a few precautionary measures you can take. Here’s a list of ideas to try out, to avoid sending your phone off for repair for the hundredth time:


Step 1: Screen Protector

Many of us use our phones completely unprotected. Those thin layers of plastic may be hard to apply straight, without air bubbles underneath, but do a great job of holding the screen together in the event of a smash.

Plus, you’re unlikely to scratch your screen this way – it will hold better value if you ever want to sell it on if it’s as pristine as the day you got it. Consider getting a protector for the back of your phone, too.


Step 2: Hard-Shell Phone Case

It may be boring, but this is the number 1 item that will do the best job at saving your phone from smashing into oblivion if you drop it on the pavement/down the stairs/onto hard floor. Let’s face it, many an iPhone has been smashed on carpet. And wouldn’t you say you drop your phone at least three times per week?

Polycarbonate hard shells are a good option, or thick rubber ones which will absorb the shock of impact. You can also get ones with raised edges (to prevent the screen from contacting the ground), or cases with better grip for holding.

For extra protection, grab one with a flip-cover over the screen – this may be what your dad would choose, but is the best option for frequent droppers.

Check out this handy guide to the latest and best phone cases on the market, for every phone model.


Step 3: Bungee Cord

This idea might seem totally uncool, but if you just replaced an expensive phone, and now have to live off beans for the rest of the month, this is a great idea to save you money in future!

You can buy specialized bungee cables that attach at one end to your phone case, and the other to the belt loop of your jeans. Therefore, if you drop it, it won’t hit the floor. Clever, hey? Get one as a Christmas gift for that friend who ALWAYS has a broken screen.


Step 4: Remove Attachments

Smashing the screen is far from the only method of breaking your phone. You can easily damage the headphone jack or charging port by jostling the phone while it has accessories plugged in.

  • Headphone jack: Always remove your headphones from the jack when storing your equipment in a pocket or bag. The attachment could damage the delicate internal ports in the phone if it gets pushed around.

Also, never wind your headphone cable around the phone when they’re not in use. I know, it’s the best way to prevent tangles – but you could end up breaking the phone’s jack AND the headphone’s wiring.

  • Charging port: Breaking the charging port on your phone would be an even worse disaster, rendering the phone unusable until it’s fixed (if it can be). This means unplugging the charger as soon as the battery is full (no overnight charging), and NO leaving your phone plugged into a portable charger in your bag while you’re out and about.


Step 5: Keep Away from Water

Just like Gizmo in the film Gremlins, your smartphone is in no way compatible with water. Even ones that claim to be waterproof – not a good idea, buddy.

In the past, I’ve left a huge permanent bright patch on my iPhone screen through touching it with wet fingers. (Serves me right for not having a screen protector…) But, it really is that easy to damage your phone with a tiny amount of H2O.

Avoid taking it into the bathroom with you, keep it away from the sink while you’re doing the dishes, and absolutely don’t take it to the beach!

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Author: James McQuiston

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