Liquid Mind XII: Peace

Liquid Mind has crafted an engrossing release in XII: Peace. At The Center is Love opens up with confident synths that elicit imagines of a warm, inviting glade. The 6-plus minute run time of this introduction provides Liquid Mind the time to gradually move into a more richly emotive sound. There is a narrative that is weaved throughout the entirety of Peace that continues through to Communication and Person to Person. Person to Person is able to shine based on the gradual building up of the composition; each shift that Liquid Mind takes here is predicated quite well through a preceding composition that lays a solid foundation for what is to follow.

Surrender to Love continues with a great many of the styles that were broached during the first half of XII, but keeps things interesting as fans move to the second half of the recording. There is a heavenly, more chipper synth line and twinkling arrangement that makes its presence known at the composition’s half-way mark. The one-two of Oneness and Spirit of Peace acts as the concluding chapter for Liquid Mind XII. Oneness is the brighter, more expressive side of the coin, while we were able to get into Spirit of Peace as it really imbues the concluding strains of the album with a finality. This emphatic stamp is confident and winds together the many strands that Liquid Mind had laid down through the entirety of this album. Furthermore, this final song stokes a fire in listeners’ stomachs, ensuring that they will want to delve deeper into the Liquid Mind corpus.

Make sure to visit the Real Music website to purchase your own copy of Liquid Mind XII: Peace and to see the rest of the Liquid Mind discography.

Top Tracks:  Person to Person, At The Center is Love

Rating: 8.4/10

Liquid Mind XII: Peace / 2018 Chuck Wild Records / Real Music / 8 Tracks / 61:41 /

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