Alphamax Interview

Alphamax Interview

Today, we are speaking with Auckland, New Zealand’s own Alphamax. Can you give us a little background information about yourselves? How did you get into music?

We love to dance to every kind of dance. One day it just felt right to dance to our own tunes and we started to create them.

You have been deep at work on your next release. What sort of work have you put into the recording and creative processes for this release?

We are still finding our unique sound. Our next song “Let’s dance is a product of collaboration with the producer from Italy Vito Astone who’s helped us to find a bit different funk flavour.

What does your recording set up look like (what do you use to record, what are your favorite tools)?

Set up is quite simple: loop machine, electric ukulele, sopranino saxophone and a PA system. When song is played and edited a few times and we are at last happy with the final version, and that is when we take our song to the recording studio for a producer to tie it all together and add some fancy little sounds.

Tell us a little more about Get a Jet.

Get a Jet is a song which a lot of people can relate to. We wrote this song as an expression of our confidence that money should never be the main driving force behind what you do with your life. Happiness lies in a process of doing what you love and we wish everyone to experience that.

Which artists are the greatest influences for you and your music? Is there a dream lineup of performers that you would like to perform with if given the chance?

Having different origins we’ve been influenced by different genres of music. We obviously like Funk and Reggie, as well as Carrebean beat Calypso and Jazz. The dream lineup woul be Prince, Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheereen, Bob Marley, Rihanna and also always popular and loved by many Beatles.

Which sort of social media website have you had the best successes with? What about these online services are different from the traditional face to face meeting and performances that musicians utilize?

Like everyone else we have an Instagram account @tdimpression and our band Facebook page @alphamaxnz. However. We still prefer traditional face to face performances. We love getting on stage to have fun ourselves and to make people around us to forget about problems of their everyday lives for a while. We are currently preparing a big party gig and putting Alphamax twist on a few popular songs from the past.

What should listeners expect from your music in the future? How can interested NeuFutur readers locate samples of your music?

We are preparing to release our first full album hopefully by the end of 2018 and are already writing new beats and adding some rap lines to our new songs. Our music is available to listen download on all major platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc) and also on our website

Thank you so much for your time. Finally, do you have any additional thoughts about life and the universe for our readers?

Using lyrics from our song “Get A Jet we would like to wish all your readers: “Pursue your dreams, do not give up!

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