Best Way to Make Your Farm Productive by Help of Soil Sampling Technology

As a farmer having many acres under crop, you will face different challenges. The good news is that while the challenges may be a headache for you, you will find ready solutions thanks to the help of technology. It is the hope of all farmers to make a profit at the end of each harvest. However, they may face a challenge of poor harvest due to problems with soil fertility.

Soil fertility will determine the yield you get from your land. It is important to note that soil fertility is not even across the field. While some areas will have fertile soils, others will not be so. Even the nutrients lacking in different parts of your farm may not the same. Some parts will require addition of some nutrients while other parts will require addition of different nutrients altogether.

Solutions offered by technology such as Falcon – soil sampling machine offer a lot of benefits to a farmer seeking to gain more from his or her land. Some of the advantages of this technology include:

Soil sampling covering a large area

With this technology, you are able to collect soil samples from all areas of your land. If you have large acreage under cultivation, you want to cover the whole area. Manual sampling can limit your ability to do this. It will also take time to cover the whole field to get the samples you need. The soil sampling on wheels means a faster and more efficient way of collecting the samples you need from your farm. You will get the samples from uniform depth allowing for accurate results.

More accurate mapping of your land’s soil fertility

You are able to have a better picture of your land’s fertility. You can tell which areas need more attention and take the right steps to remedy this. You can also tell which areas of your field are suitable for one type of crop over another. This way, you will be able to utilize the landbetter. You will have abetter yield as you can diversify the crops you have on the farm. You will also know when you need to crop rotate to rest your land between seasons.

Better application of solutions that will help increase yields

With the sampling of your entire farm regardless of its size, you will know the steps you need to take to make your soil fertile. If you need to add fertilizer, you can tell the quantity you need and most importantly, the type. The fertilizer and other solutions should help increase the nutrients that are necessary to boost the fertility of the soil.

Improved control of fertilizer costs

The fertilizer costs can get very high. By identifying the areas that need fertilization, you get to apply only the needed amount. You will not waste fertilizers on areas that do not need it. The same applies to the type of fertilizer you need. You have little wastage of fertilizer and you will not be spending money on fertilizers that you do not need.


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