Law- Finding and Interviewing an Attorney

There are several circumstances where hiring a lawyer is a favorable choice. If you think you need an attorney, contacting one to find out whether they can help is a good idea. For people who are concerned about the costs of legal services, there are some aid resources that can help you with certain situations.

Choosing an Attorney

After making the decision to hire an attorney, the next crucial step is to choose a specific attorney to deal with your legal matter. Selecting the right legal professional can make a significant difference between a frustrating and pleasant experience.

Finding an Attorney

Finding an attorney can be a daunting task but the reality is that it does not have to be. There are several helpful ways to identify a dependable lawyer when you know where you can begin your search. Local advertisements and phone books offer basic information like names, numbers and locations. Other resources provide more information to give you insight into the legal services that are available. Different methods can be used to locate an attorney in your area.

Personal Referrals

Relatives and friends are a good way to find an experienced lawyer within your area. They can provide a first-hand account of their experience with particular attorneys as well as the lawyer’s fees, mannerisms and business practices.

If your legal issue differs from another individual’s case, this many affect your decision regarding the attorney. However, personal referrals are a good starting point and other attorneys can direct you towards other professionals in their network. Contact top Houston divorce attorneys here.

Online Directories

Legal directories are available online and contain lawyer listings across the region. Legal search locators enable you to search conveniently for a lawyer according to factors such as name, location and legal issues. This is a valuable resource for helping people identify local attorneys along with features like practice areas and links to websites.

Bar Associations

Bar associations can be used to find an attorney in the area. Many websites consist of comprehensive attorney listings. You can also search for attorneys by legal practice area, location and name. Advanced searches can be conducted according to categories such as language.



Online Search

Internet users can find lawyers in their area by simply typing in particular keywords in a search engine. However, since internet searches may not be effectively filtered, you may need to go through numerous websites to find an attorney.

Interviewing Attorneys

  • After identifying a number of lawyers that have the potential to suit your needs such as being conveniently located or specializing in certain cases, you can set up a telephone consultation. This gives you the opportunity to ask a few questions before committing to formal interview.
  • The answers that you get will ideally help you to narrow down your list of candidates until you have fewer attorneys to interview. It is also a good idea to write down the answers, which will make it easier to select a lawyer. You can make comparisons between answers from different lawyers.
  • Initial questions may cover aspects of charging for consultations, fee arrangements, similar cases and license to practice, references from clients, information required by the lawyer and the amount of time that can be devoted to your case.


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