Why You Should Choose Metal for Your Roof

So you’re in a position where your current roof has seen better days–what do you do? Removing the old roof completely is an expensive task and can contribute significant environmental waste. This is best avoided, and with metal roofing you can simply lay it over the top of your existing roof.


Though metal roofing is a relatively new concept, there are various advantages when using metal, and these will be discussed throughout this article. Metal roofing comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes, from agricultural metal roofing at Everlast Roofing, to residential roofing at other establishments. To help you en route to making an informed decision, here are some top benefits of choosing metal over conventional materials.


Metal roofing is highly durable, and, consequently, requires little maintenance. This is a huge advantage, especially if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to attend to repairs. Even if you have spare time, scaling your roof to perform maintenance isn’t exactly ideal. Most metal roofs have a warranty of 50 years or more, meaning they’re built to stand the test of time.


Beauty and Versatility
When you decide which type of metal you want to use, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of your roof. If you’re seeking supreme functionality and protection, it’s good to choose galvanized steel. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t achieve an aesthetically pleasing roof that provides optimal covering, where lightweight materials like aluminum and copper are also ideal.


Though aluminum is lightweight and less sturdy, because it’s malleable you can achieve more in terms of style. You can customize your roof with perforated metal, which isn’t dissimilar to perforated tubes at Perforated Tubes. There are various additional items on offer, and roofs come in all shapes and sizes. Metal roofs can be designed to mimic the shape of wooden roofs, though to marry natural beauty and practicality you can expect to pay more. Though your roof might seem expensive, it’s a sound investment that will be recovered over time, and your metal roof will add significant value to your property.


In warmer clients metal roofing is beneficial, because metal reflects heat. This will significantly reduce energy bills, because you won’t need to spend as much on air conditioning. This is environmentally friendly, and will save you money. This means even if you spend more on a metal roof, it will be worth it in the long run. Insurance companies also offer huge discounts on home insurance policies, since there’s less chance your home will experience structural damage.


Fire Safety
Metal is noncombustible, so you won’t have to worry about it catching fire. There is a common misconception that metal roofs attract lightning, but the opposite is true. Lightning seeks a path to ground when it strikes, and since your metal roof is ungrounded, it won’t attract lightning.


Fast Installation
Metal is generally lightweight, so can be installed in a fast and smooth fashion. This reduces the cost of installation without sacrificing protection.


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