How To Find Your Own Style

Finding your own style can be a very difficult thing to do. We look into our wardrobe that is full of clothes, and yet feel as though we have nothing. Now that isn’t because we’re greedy – it’s because there’s nothing that works anymore. It doesn’t work on our bodies, it’s too old-fashioned, it’s too red, or it’s too boring – and this is only on a Wednesday! Times this by five if you’ve just had a baby, a career change, or a lack of confidence. Or all of the above. But regardless of what life throws at you, it’s important that you know how to adapt, while still keeping your own style that is unique to you and your personality.


While a lot of you may think that there’s no point anymore, because you’ve tried and tried, but you still can’t find yourself the right clothes, so why bother? – It’s important because the impact of having your own style can go way beyond making a good impression on your employer, or your date. It’s about building up your confidence every day, and dressing it in a way that shows you off to the world. It’s the little things that make you feel beautiful, like those pair of shoes that he bought you last year, or those jeans that hold you in all the right places.


The key to managing a perfect wardrobe, is knowing what you like, but also understanding what looks good on you. As you may love a dress that you tried on in the clothing store, but yet it just didn’t work with your body type. That’s why it’s important you shop at the right places for you, and then create your personal style with Ruby Rd, for example; a store that caters to all sorts of body shapes, as well as ages.


Here are some more tips to ensure you get what you need.


Seek inspiration from all around you.

Make a list of all the names of the people that inspire you. That doesn’t just need to be in terms of fashion; it can be people who you look up to because of the job they have, or the things they do. There are also great networks online that you can look at, whether that be platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, so have a browse through all the different kinds of looks that you enjoy. Another way that you can draw in inspiration, is from the great outdoors. Mother nature is the queen of all things beautiful, so you can definitely learn a thing or two from her.


Picking out as many things as you can that you like and would love to try yourself, is a great way of figuring out what is best for you. Think of it as a little trial and error. One good tip is to create your own mood board. Gather all your favourite images and looks, and put them all in one spot. You can then see what things you favour, and can start to build up what that sense of style is.


Clean out what you don’t need.

This tends to be bittersweet, because although you know that you haven’t worn those shorts in the last five years – the idea of throwing them out is just so painful. But this is why you have to get tough and rational. If you have things that haven’t been worn in the last year – say goodbye to them. If you have things that don’t fit anymore (unless you love them and plan on making them fit again) – say goodbye. If you have things that are ruined and ripped beyond repair – say goodbye. Once that has all been done, you can begin to rebuild your collection, full of things that compliment you, and make you feel amazing.


Before you decide to throw things into the trash though, separate the good stuff and figure out what is worth selling, and what is better off being donated to charity. As hard as this process may be for you, just think about the fresh start you now have. Not to mention the extravagant shopping spree coming up.


Shop smarter this time.

A lot of the time, one of your main concerns will be whether you fit into your environment. Let’s say you’re clothes shopping for work – a big worry may be whether you fit in, or look fashionable enough, or have the right clothing, especially when you’re searching on a budget. While a lot of you may think that money will make the difference between Hot or Not – this just isn’t the case. Experiment with items, and use your creativity to not only make things more affordable for you, but will create unique pieces that no one else has.


So the next time you go browsing round the stores, take a friend or two with you for support and honest opinions. And don’t forget about the mood board you made at the beginning – you can use this to refer back to things once you’re out, so you can recreate the favourite looks you had, but with a twist.


The size of your confidence means more than your body.

Stop thinking about squeezing into the smallest size you possibly can, because the number that you see on a hanger is absolutely irrelevant. Remember that no one can see your tag when you’re wearing a piece of clothing, and quite frankly – no one cares! What matters is how you feel in your own skin, so whether you wear a size 4 or a size 20, as long as your head is held up and you strut your stuff tall and proud, you will feel beautiful, and other people will see that too.


We all know that the better we feel on the inside, the stronger and sexier we look on the outside. So straighten your back and smile wider. People will notice you, and for all the right reasons. Let’s face it – confidence can make a bin ban look good…

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