Key Considerations before Remodeling a Powder Room

The powder room is usually a small space that can be turned into a fancy, elegant or fun room for guests by implementing various color, style and design ideas. Powder rooms are regarded as unique bathroom settings but when the fixtures and style are trapped in a previous century, remodeling your powder room is an important step.


Due to the typically small size of a powder room, it is a good place to take creative chances with different designs. You may try unusual materials or intense colors that are usually overwhelming for larger rooms.

Before consulting a professional bath designer, spare some time to think about the style you prefer. If you are not sure about your personal sense of style, online resources are available for inspiration. After pinpointing your style, take a look at some bathrooms, which you can view at plumbing showrooms, bath and kitchen showrooms as well as decorator’s show houses.


When looking for colors for the powder room get adventurous and avoid timid hues. Bold hues such as chocolate brown, navy and merlot are ideal for this type of small space. While traditional decorating rules state that lighter colors have the effect of making rooms appear larger, visual trickery is not always necessary here. Accommodate the small size of the room and go for a dramatic effect.  Bathrooms do not have to be large in order for them to be effective.


Despite the small size of the room, various mechanical aspects need to be included. There are water supply lines and drain lines. You require ventilation, a window and certain products that lack flexibility in terms of size such as sinks and toilets. Professionals can assess the room and its overall size, consider the mechanical features and come up with a floor plan that effectively utilizes space. Learn more about powder room remodeling NJ here.


A powder room is a great place to experiment with materials that need more maintenance or are more delicate and costly. This is because the room requires a lower amount of materials than other types of bathrooms and less traffic is received. You can use materials in innovative and unusual ways.


Accessories help to enhance the hospitable nature of a powder room. Provide luxuries such as plush lotions and soaps for guests, arrange items on countertops and add artwork to the walls. Powder rooms do not require a lot of storage.

Everything that guests need from extra tissue to hand towels should be accessible. With candles and light dimmers, your powder room will always will be ready for visitors when they ask for a bathroom that they can use.


Powder rooms are small but essential elements in your space. Adding a few contemporary and bold touches will enable you to create an updated and elegant cleanup and toilet space within the home. Combining modern and vintage materials and textures is one of the most effective ways to maintain an elegant traditional powder room with additional modern touches. Powder rooms are usually used by visitors and not restricted to the designs of other rooms.


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