5 New Health Trends You Should Try

We’ve all tried a crazy health fad at one time in our life. With all the books that have been written, with badly backed-up claims about what dieting method is really right for you, you might be feeling a little leery of any new health trend. After all, does it really work? Who comes up with this stuff?


While not every trend is worth trying, some could really turn your life around. If an idea is inexpensive and safe to try, then you won’t lose much by checking it out. The research on some of these claims is slim, but the testimonials are strong. Give some the benefit of the doubt, and see what works for you!

CBD is taken from the cannabis plant, the same plant that makes marijuana. We promise CBD has zero psychoactive properties, however. This substance packs a powerful punch for pain relief, combats anxiety, and boosts mood. While the benefits of CBD have not been proven, and you should take every claim with a grain of salt, it’s currently being researched by the US government–so you know there’s at least something in it.



If you’re confirmed gluten-sensitive, then you can skip this paragraph. If you haven’t had a sensitivity medically confirmed, then you might be sick of the gluten free craze. Plenty of people are trying a gluten free diet just to see what it does for them, and many report feeling better. Whether it bugs you or not, you should check out a list of the symptoms and see if you’re a match–and then, you know, actually get tested.



Did you know vacations are actually good for your health? Next time you need to de-stress, consider getting away, unplugging, and having an adventure–aka going on vacation. Your trip doesn’t have to be long or expensive to give you exactly what you’re looking for. You can take airport transportation Atlanta to a great three-day-weekend stay, to visit a nearby city, or to go camping.



Have you had Kombucha? Do you drink perfectly steeped green tea every morning? Chances are, you enjoy a tasty cup of Celestial Seasonings now and then, but you’re not on the tea-obsessed wagon. (At least not yet.) While tea can feel like a crazy new fad, tea actually has been a health practice for centuries and has some great health benefits. If you can handle the lower dose of caffeine, maybe you could start switching out coffee for tea.

If you’ve heard this word, then you’ve got something on us–you might know how it’s actually pronounced. Jokes aside, the internet is brimming with paleo recipes, and quite a few people have joined this diet fad. While it’s hard to pin down what “paleo” really means, it can be considered, “anything a caveman could find.” While this gets confusing with paleo recipes that use canned coconut milk and bags of flour, paleo recipes are usually gluten, sugar, and dairy free–making them an easy go-to for people trying to avoid those ingredients.

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