King Errisson – One Love Shines

The do it all aspect of King Errisson’s talents has played an enormous role in bringing him together with some of the most formidable figures in musical history. He’s contributed songs to projects from artists as diverse as Neil Diamond and The Temptations while performing with Diamond since 1976, enjoying a successful run as a spotlit performer with The Incredible Bongo Band, and work with other titans such as Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, and Marvin Gaye. His new song is an impassioned plea for people to live in harmony with one another without ever lapsing into the saccharine or sanctimonious we are often subjected to with such songwriting. He brings a personal commitment to his performance, both as a singer and composer, benefiting the seriousness of the subject and the inspired slant will bring audiences deep into the listening experience. “One Love Shines” is a more than worthy next chapter for a spectacularly decorated career.


We hear bits and pieces from his musical journey bubbling to the surface in this song. The horns and warm production are obvious nods to the R&B side of Errisson’s musical character and both the color and tone of his voice is an ideal fit for any effort in this vein. There’s some of the funky coming through in the light, nearly gossamer-like guitar fills adding secondary color to the song and the fluid bass line snaking its way through the song’s running time of a little over three minutes. The drumming explores Caribbean rhythms, but also possesses the same near strut that we often identify with hard R&B numbers while the occasional flourishes from a horn section underline that facet of Errisson’s presentation. The structure of the song provides some highlights, as well, especially with the second half and a chorus that sticks in your memory.


“One Love Shines” might sink under its lyrical message, but the writing fortunately avoids any of the sentimental or childish tropes common to these sort of “world should live in harmony” numbers. Instead, Errisson aims to inspire us without insulting us and does so magnificently. His vocals are flawless in their ability to hold the tune, but they also bear the seasoning of his long musical journey to this point, part of what surely has recommended him to some of the biggest names in popular music history. It’s phrasing and tone that’s vividly alive, attuned to every shift in the music and lyrics alike, and intent on communicating and connecting with anyone willing to listen. Everything seems to come effortlessly with the song “One Love Shines” and that’s not surprising – all of the great ones make it sound as natural as breathing – and King Errisson is no exception. His performance on “One Love Shines” reinforces why he’s been one of the most in-demand collaborators in the music world over the last four decades and his passion continues undimmed.




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