Recipe for the Most Delicious Car

The most appetizing automobiles on the planet have the same thing in common: the right ingredients. By adding key components to your car, you can take your average vehicle and turn it into an irresistible ride filled with all kinds of delicacies. In honor of national NASCAR day, below are some great ideas for enhancing your car’s performance. Remember though, only you can obey traffic laws to avoid going to California traffic school.

Learn to Drive a Stick

Face it, driving an automatic is easy…and boring. If you want to spice up your driving experience, then get a car with a stick shift. It transforms your average morning commute into a more exciting drive. Manual cars are also more economical than automatic vehicles, and you have more control over the acceleration. Careful, though. If you’ve never driven a stick, you may want to take a California driving course before you head on out on the highway.

Don’t Skimp on the Tires

High-quality treads and rims do more than make your car aesthetically pleasing. They also improve its road performance. Next time you purchase tires for your car, go to a tire specialist. Find out what wheels work best with your model and spend the extra cash to get high-grade treads. They’re worth the investment.

Boost Your Sound System

Creating the right stereo sound in your car is both an art and a science. Thus, you should leave it to professionals to work out both in your car. First, ditch the factory radio. It will never sound as good as you want. Second, get a powerful amplifier with a solid low end. Third, strategically place the speakers inside your car’s cabin so that they provide a balanced sound from front to back.

Drop the Top Down

There’s nothing quite like the visceral experience of driving a convertible. Owning a convertible gives you a fulfilling experience that other drivers miss out on. The very first time you get behind the wheel with the top down on a bright sunny day when the air is slightly warm, you understand why people buy rag tops. You’ll eventually find that driving in the open air with seemingly nothing between you and road becomes addictive. It’s an ingredient that makes your car even more delicious.

Optimize Your Engine’s Performance

Just short of getting a new motor, there are several ways to rev up the engine in your car. You can start by installing a high-performance air filter, which will improve the horsepower and efficiency in the system. A cold-air intake system will keep your engine cooler, thus, make it more powerful. Experts also recommend that you implement performance headers and cat-back exhaust systems into the system to distribute more air out of the engine faster.

Smooth Out the Rough Ride

There are several parts that all work together to make your car ride smooth. These parts will wear out over time. Therefore, you should have your car regularly inspected to make sure that all the parts are working correctly and in good condition. This includes the suspension, shocks, struts, ball bearings, wheel alignment, and wheel rotation. By performing routine maintenance on these parts, your car will always be a pleasure to drive.

Navigate Your Way Around

Whether you purchase an onboard unit or get an aftermarket system later on, navigation systems will help you arrive at your destination trouble-free. Most navigation systems come with lots of features that will integrate with your wireless devices. If possible, try to have your navigation system installed into your dash so that you don’t clutter your center panel.


By serving up these spicy additions, you’ll create a recipe for a most delicious car.

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