Chief Reasons According to a Remote DBA Expert Why Oracle Cloud Business Is Leading All the Way

Oracle is undoubtedly a fast-growing and a big cloud business today that is leading the way and its conventional business seems to be growing simultaneously implying that it is effectively catering to the unique current and future requirements of customers. Oracle has reported a total of $1.5 billion of cloud revenue up 44 percent and cloud revenue included $1.1 billion of SaaS revenue up by 55 percent. The total revenue for on-premise software and cloud was actually up by 9 percent to $7.8 billion. Overall these statistics reveal that customers are carrying on at their paces and according to their unique requirements. Oracle’s wide range of products both cloud and conventional is perfectly capable of aligning to whatever approach adopted by those customers.

Oracle has been voted as an undisputed market leader in core database segments for:

  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Service and Support
  • SQL Database

Oracle is the market leader in almost all categories of in-memory database including Performance, Market Leader, Service & Support, Reliability, Performance, and Innovation. The actual data explosion has compelled data stores to keep on growing larger and larger and even more diverse. There is an increasing demand for delivering greater performing analytics. In this context, you must know that in-memory databases actually enable decision makers for having access to basically real-time analytics that would be effectively enabling businesses to be far agiler and definitely better equipped for competing in the market. Here are some reasons why Oracle has assumed market leadership.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database: The Oracle Autonomous Database is supposed to be the company’s flagship product and it could easily be regarded as the kingpin of the hybrid strategy of Oracle as customers could be using it effectively in the cloud or even for on-premises workloads. This is a self-driving and fully-automated system that would be dramatically accelerating IaaS and PaaS businesses of Oracle and also fortify the database license business of Oracle. You could use this product to run in the cloud or on-premise. Browse for perfect database administration services and prompt solutions.

BYOL (Bring Your Own License):  Oracle had launched a program for drastically expanding the customers’ flexibility in making their own hybrid journeys simply by giving them allowance to move all their on-premise licenses straightaway to Oracle PaaS products including Oracle Analytics, database, and middleware. This is another instance of Oracle modifying not only the technology but also the business practices followed by it for giving corporate clients more flexibility, as far as, deployment of on-premise and cloud technologies are concerned that would be catering to their unique business requirements on a schedule or timetable which is optimal to the clients. Thanks to BYOL, there is an intense boost in Oracle’s Technology installed base because clients are renewing their Unlimited License Agreement, investing in some more licenses, options, and also, renewing support. Thanks to BYOL the revenue from the ‘Technology new-software license’ is intensely improving.

Oracle Cloud Machine: This is known to offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to all clients in regulated industries. Oracle works fine for all those corporate in intensely regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and financial services that are looking for the benefits associated with the cloud: better economics, the speed of deployment, less maintenance but wish to get all these capabilities very much based within their data centers to comply with regulatory mandates.

Amazon Prefers Oracle: Amazon prefers to operate its business with the help of Oracle and definitely not only on its own database. This is quite evident from Amazon’s amazing endorsement of this sterling product when it gave Oracle $50 million for buying Oracle Database and some other Oracle technologies. Both Amazon and are definitely not going away from Oracle. These are supposed to be Oracle’s competitors who have absolutely no reason to endorse or like Oracle, yet they are investing in and operating their entire business on Oracle. Oracle’s SaaS business seems to be doing great business among clients that have never used any of the Oracle on-premise applications. Most SaaS revenue of Oracle actually came from the competitors and not from the Oracle’s non-prem user base.

Oracle is prepared to give in writing that its Autonomous database would be drastically outperforming Amazon’s Redshift and it is going to cost much less in comparison. Oracle is really confident about their cost benefits over Amazon. Oracle is providing clients with fully written service-level agreements which ensure that once they switch to Oracle Cloud, there would be a definite reduction in the database bills of the customers of Amazon.

The customer comes first in every aspect of Oracle’s existence. This marks the culmination of a shift they have been attempting for a while now, moving internal business processes away from the clunky on-premises approach to a new customer-centric mentality suited to the cloud. Oracle’s suite of services and products provides power and flexibility like never before to customers, and this new mentality to help the customer succeed at all costs will certainly ensure renewals.

This fortifies what some doubted but most industry experts knew to be true- Oracle is here to stay, and will keep evolving so that it isn’t left behind by newer, fancier players in the market now that the cloud is being embraced by corporations the world over.


It is firmly believed that the cloud transition strategy would be continuing to gain traction. As Oracle’s cloud computing business gains scale, its operating margin and revenue growth would start to recover. Till date, Oracle has an attractive valuation. Keep in mind that Oracle Database actually is known to offer a differentiated and highly proven database offering. It has been highlighted by the famous IT Brand Pulse that Oracle has been focusing on customer-centric values along with introducing meaningful innovation via in-memory database solutions. As Oracle has concentrated on basically customer-centric values as such it has gained the status of a market leader in service, support, and reliability. Thanks to the incredible Data Management Cloud Services of Oracle it now offers patrons the choice to effectively harness the actual power and versatility of database on-premise of Oracle, or for leveraging cloud services for deploying Oracle database solutions.

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