Conceptz drops new single feat. Benny Blanco

Hip-hop has officially reached an apex that can be distinguished both literally and figuratively from its first climactic creative peak in the early 1990’s. In this scenario, the most explosively popular subgenre to dominate the commercial side of pop music for the last quarter century is being divided into two subgroups; the stewards of the old school, and the innovators of tomorrow’s hip-hop who are bound by no rules, regulatory parameters or creative restrictions set forth by their forerunners. Conceptz is a part of the latter category, and arguably one of the more important parts actively producing content today. As players, the pair’s style is unlike anyone else in the business today. As a figure behind the soundboard, their experimental tendencies make them sublimely coordinated and well-rounded artists, and the combination of the two is going to be what launches these two out of the underground and onto the biggest stage of their career: primetime pop. Their latest single “Splash,” which features the stone cold Benny Blanco lending his vocals to the mix, goes a long way towards cementing their present status as a boss in the game and ensuring a future in the scene for some time to come.

In many ways, Conceptz is the face of an entire new generation of rappers who are fed up with feeling restricted by the stringent rules created by musicians who no longer seem relevant to the vitality of hip-hop itself. Even in this market that is highly lucrative for artists who are willing to take shortcuts and skimp on total content, Conceptz resists the urge, instead relying on the backbone of their harmonies to do all of the professional and artistic talking for them. Money is too often the only thing young artists concern themselves with, and it isn’t that Conceptz is concededly rejecting the typical monetary goals of your average American but more that he’s too concerned with their craft and the preservation of its integrity to get wrapped up in the business side of things. If there’s one thing above all else that I take away from listening to these guys’ work, it’s their clear and concise devotion to the music.

As a musician myself, it’s impossible not to respect the approach that Conceptz takes to making a record or even just a single. I’ve listened to and reviewed a lot of music this year, a lot of hip-hop in particular, but I must say that this has got to be one of the more infectiously catchy and memorable tracks that I’ve heard since getting into this business. This flow is fresh, and Conceptz’ incredibly unique, almost post-aggressive approach to connecting one melody to another amidst a chaotic discharge of rhythm upon rhythm is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I came up through the school of punk rock, where the DIY ethic reigns supreme, and I can whole-heartedly endorse “Splash” as one of the most authentic and organically generated pieces of music I’ve had the pleasure of sampling this year. Much respect, Conceptz.

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