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Las Vegas is typically a place that is full of glitz and glamour, dotted with massive works and lacking perhaps a bit of the human side of things. It was surprising when we first learned about Isolated Ave, a four-piece rock act that showcases musicianship and soulful song-writing in their music. One need online listen to Monotony, the first song on their Contact EP, to understand. Brooding guitar work gradually gives way to a driving beat, deftly mixing together early emo, 1990s-alternative, and even hints of jam band rock into a musically complex and wholly unique sound. The bit of fuzz and echo that bubbles up at points during this track acts as a glue, making the resulting effort musically cogent and coherent. The number of twists and turns that Isolated Ave includes into their Hurricane makes the nearly-five minute run time go by quickly. There is a ropy bass line playing at the bottom of the track while hints of Stone Temple Pilots and mid-1990s Dave Mustaine and Billy Corgan can be discerned in the vocals. 

One of the things listeners will hear when they experience Isolated Ave is their propensity to change their overall sound at the drop of a hat. The band is able to move together through styles and approaches, making tracks in which anyone can find something to appreciate. Window is a perfect example of this. Chugging guitars, a haunting and ethereal set of interactions and insistent vocals make for something epic, resounding loudly with fans long after the song ceases to play. While Human Punchline is the shortest track during the Contact EP, it represents another high-water mark for the band. Perhaps the most straightforward of cuts, it showcases Isolated Ave as a band that can ratchet up the momentum and hit listeners firmly over their heads. Whether a down and dirty rock or a bit of power pop, the numerous approaches (even a bit of doo-wop) here provide a bow on the top of a voluminous release.

Understanding the wide array of approaches that the band takes on their new EP Contact adds a further level of complexity to the act. Make sure to visit their Facebook for the most up to date information concerning radio air dates, live tour stops, and samples from the Contact EP. Check out their music and let us know what you think about the band.

Isolated Ave  / Facebook / Bandcamp

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