Staying inside this autumn

While the temperature is decreasing around a great many of the different areas of the United States, it has not been below 90 here in Magnolia, Arkansas for the entirety of the summer. As one can imagine, the sheer amount of abilities that one can get into outside is fairly limited. Below, we discuss a number of the different things that you can do if you find yourself in the last days of sweltering heat that autumn has for you.

1)Watch streaming media

Everyone does it, but the simple fact is that NetFlix and Hulu are adding content on the regular. With new shows from Norm MacDonald and The Venture Bros adding on another season (along with the returning Harvey Birdman), getting into a pair of pajamas and vegging out may just be the way to beat the encroaching global warming that we’re hearing so much about.

2)Online games

Some other services allow you to pick a crew of sports players to check out which one of a group is the best at gauging talent and ability. For some other, visiting services that provide traditional card games and attractions would be the best answer. The variety of casino games at Novibet make it quite easy to sink some time into the service and ignore the plastic mailboxes melting on the side of the road.

3)Beer tasting

As long-term readers of our website know, we love the sheer variety of alcoholic drinks that are available. Make sure to purchase a few fruits and various other must-haves for one’s bar, and set up a bit of a soiree for the fall months. We’re partial to trying out all of the new styles of India Pale Ales (hazy, Brut IPAs) and the variety of pastry stouts that are commonplace in the market.

What other events or activities are your go-to when you want to beat the heat?

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