Make Your Wedding Day Perfect and Hassle-Free

Planning for your wedding can be stressful and you may find yourself too caught up in the process. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the entire process, not forgetting that there are multiple things to think of in your everyday routine. Nevertheless, for your wedding, it’s worth it. Most people tend to put more of their focus on things that may go wrong on the day instead of channelling their energies towards making it a memorable day in their lives. There’s just too much at stake, not forgetting the exceeding expectations from your peers, friends, and family members. A slight mistake may mean years of regret and shame (no pun intended).


We’ve compiled 5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Perfect and Hassle-Free.


1. Start Preparing Early

Truth be told; planning a wedding is not an easy task, neither is it a one day mission. It may require months of work, if not years of preparation to plan a successful wedding. Below are some reasons why early preparation is necessary.


  • Wedding reception venue – if you are not the type to hold your wedding in your backyard, then this means that you may need to hire a venue. Depending on location and time of the year, most venues would require you to book early.
  • Entertainment – after the wedding, you’ll need a DJ or live band to entertain your guests, which may require you to vet a couple of prospective entertainment companies, DJs, and bands before making the decision on whom to hire.
  • Catering – it’s important to be extremely careful before choosing a catering service for your wedding. You’ll want to book a caterer who is available and has enough time to go through the guest list and make the best decision on what to offer on the menu.


Most experts recommend ensuring that all your suppliers have been briefed at least four to six weeks before the wedding day. This allows for time to fine-tune even the smallest of details.


2. Delegate  

It will be awkward for you to be seen rushing up and down on your wedding day. Remember, it’s your special day, you are not supposed to be seen paying the caterers, or coordinating your guests. For this reason, you’ll want to delegate such tasks to people who don’t get easily frustrated. They’ll help handle minor tasks like collecting flowers, paying the hairdressers, taking care of parking and checking with the venues. To be honest, you’ll by no means be able to handle everything.


3. Seek Professional Advice

As much as it may cost an extra dollar, a professional will always have the right answers and solutions. A professional photographer, especially, will know what it means to have high-quality, fine-detailed photographs on your wedding day. On the other hand, professional caterers will know the best menus to offer, be prepared in case of weather changes, and so on. A professional DJ will also know what to play, when, and when not to.


Most importantly, you will want to invest in hiring a professional wedding planner and get the ‘excess bone to chew’ of your plate. Expert wedding planners such as Run Away With Me, are committed to seeing you walk down the aisle without stress or any doubt that this is indeed your special day.


4. Have a Plan B

More often than not, not everything may go your way. Needless to mention, you don’t want your wedding ceremony to be remembered as having been boring and way too serious. It’s important to have a backup plan just in case things turn out the way you had not planned. For instance, you may have high hopes of a clear sky and then all of a sudden, the heavens unleash hails and thunderstorms. To avoid this, tent you may want to the venue or opt for enclosed venues. Having a plan B always pays off in most circumstances.


5. Attend As Many Weddings as Possible

This will give you a clear picture of what to expect and not to. In other words, you’ll be borrowing ideas from the weddings you attend. Just ensure that you are on the guest list and not a wedding crasher.


Even though they may not be exhaustive, the above tips can help you plan a perfect, stress-free and hustle-free wedding day.

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