Top CA Places to Travel to in November

California is known for its golden beaches, entertainment, and year-round warm days. This make it the perfect getaway for anybody who knows what the driving curfews for CA teens are and those are wanting to escape the frigid temperatures that the rest of the country experiences.


Little do people know, California is at its absolute best during November.


Forget about the typical, warm beach days or flashy city lights. As a traffic school graduation reward, you can take a November road trip across California to some hidden November gems. You’ll find all the best locations, without the busy crowds, hazy views, or crippling heat. You’ll also get to see the rare seasonal change in Northern California in some locations.


San Francisco


San Francisco is one the largest cities in the country. It’s home to some of the most inspiring architecture and modern engineering. The biggest tragedy is how the city is covered in fog throughout the year.


November brings cool breezes and clear skies over San Francisco. If you want to visit the city, the off season is the best time do it. You’ll have a clear sight of everything in and around San Francisco during this month. Bust out the camera, because now is your chance to finally get a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge.


Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe feels like a hot summer day most of the year. But, every year, at the start of November, you can experience the cool autumn air break the typical dry heat. Whether you’re going for a frigid dip in the lake or hiking through a colorfully painted forest, Lake Tahoe becomes an unknown November retreat this time of year.


Desert Exploration


The deserts of California each hold their own unique sense of adventure and fun. But, those who can’t handle the heat have to miss out. California deserts can become unbearable. This will dampen (with sweat) any trip to the desert. However, November will bring a breath of much cooler air.


Destinations like Joshua Tree or Death Valley become pleasant and enjoyable during November. Not only will you have a much cooler time, but the sky will be haze free – that means clear days and clear nights for stargazing.


Avenue of the Giants


Avenue of the Giants is home to some of the largest trees in the country (which explains the name.) Throughout the year, this area becomes crowded with summer vacationing tourist. However, in November, people are too busy planning their Thanksgiving festivities to travel up north to this forest retreat. California locals will get to experience a less busy hike and Fall foliage during a visit to the Avenue of the Giants in November.


Julian, California


Julian is a small town outside of San Diego that is quickly becoming a popular California destination. The reason why this town peaks during the Fall season is due to the rolling fields of apple trees. People flock to Julian every November to go apple picking. Not only do they get to stay in a small town, but they get to walk away with a bucket of apples. This is great for couples and the whole family.


Laguna Beach in Orange County


For people traveling from out of town (especially from the East Coast), you’ll love Laguna Beach. This beach is usually teaming with locals year round, but in November it gets pretty quiet. People who are used to the weather will think it’s too cold, whereas out-of-staters will love the comparatively hot temperatures. Laguna Beach also offers plenty to do in the Orange County area and quick access to the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles.

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