Vaping etiquette: rules for vapers


Adopting a particular lifestyle is more than just taking part in the activities that concern your way of living. Our society exists because there are rules which enable us to do what we like as long as we don’t offend or endanger anyone around us. Moreover, certain establishments require a specific form of conduct so our ability to adjust to various situations determines the way we can expect to be treated.

Vaping is a relatively new lifestyle, and it’s spreading around the world like wildfire. Everywhere we go people are enjoying different flavors, bright vaporizer designs, and amazing demonstrations of vaping tricks. However, to be a true vaper, one has to keep in mind that not everyone enjoys vaping, not even in the same way. Furthermore, vaping is not allowed everywhere, and some vaporizer designs are not appropriate in some occasions. If you wish to learn the “what, how, and when” of vaping subculture, keep reading this article to find out more.

Vaping in different places

Vaping at home is the most liberating experience for most vapers. It allows you to set your own rules and do everything your way. Moreover, vaporizers are clean, unlike regular tobacco products, which leave stains, unpleasant smell, and can cause burns and damage to the furniture.

However, there is something you should consider. People that visit your home could be wondering what’s that that you’re using so before starting your vaping session, ask them if it’s ok to use your vaporizer. Explain vaping if they show interest. Additionally, it’s an excellent practice to air the room before your guests arrive, even the herb vaporizer from Vaperevs can sometimes leave a smell.

Public transport is a tricky place to use your vaporizer. Due to the lack of legislative solutions regarding vaping and vaporizers, various companies have their own set of rules. Although there are some airlines and other public transport services that allow vaping, there’s still a chance that some of the passengers would complain. Therefore, it’s best to inform about vaping rules before deciding to start your vaping session.

The street makes its own rules, no matter how gangster this might sound. If you’re walking down the road that’s crowded with people, it might be impolite to vape through the crowd blowing your vapor into people’s faces. Try to keep out of the crowd and people that pass by, alternatively, you could stand still on the side of the street for a while if you’re not in a hurry.

Vaping in the company of…

Kids and animals are equally not a good company to vape in. As it goes for smoking, one shouldn’t vape in front of the kids. It sets a bad example for the children, but more importantly, kids could be interested in playing with your gear and potentially harm themselves or do something that would leave you without your weed vaporizer.

When it comes to animals, some liquids contain substances that can harm pets like cats and some dogs. The potential for breaking your equipment, self-harm, or fire hazard is equal as it is with children.

Always ask people, especially non-smokers if it’s ok to use your vaporizer. Even though vaping is a wide-spread phenomenon, there are a lot of people that can’t make a difference between vaping and smoking. Not too many people get the chance to read studies that confirm the safety of second-hand vape.

When it comes to smokers, it might be a good idea to explain the benefits of vaping, invite them to join you for a trial session if they are interested. Don’t try to oversell it or push by any chance, because people don’t take that kind of behavior kind. The last thing you want to do is try and shove a weed vape pen in everyone’s hand in order to make a point.

When in the company of your fellow vapers, keep in mind that each of us has our personal preferences when it comes to vaping or any other aspect of life, for that matter. If you’re testing someone else’s gear make sure to use your own drip tip or one of those disposable drip tip covers.

Vaping tricks

A lot of vapers like to do all kinds of tricks while blowing out their cloud of vape. One of the most common is cloud chasing which is more of a style of blowing than it is a trick, per say. It involves creating a large cloud of thick vape that’s not difficult to notice even from a fair distance.

One has to consider the circumstances under which their enjoying their favorite flavor. In a vape shop or some other vapers’ meeting area performing tricks is not only allowed but encouraged. These places are a great opportunity to be yourself and enjoy your vaping session to its full extent.

On the other side, blowing off a cloud of vape through a string of vape circles would probably cause a few frowns in a restaurant. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is best to control your temper and be as stealthy as you can be when it’s needed.

Vaping while driving

Apart from being illegal in some countries, vaping while driving is also a dangerous activity. Filling up your car with a cloud of vape can reduce your visibility and put you and anyone else with you in a great danger. By the way, weed vapes are quite popular nowadays too, so that’s one more issue to think of.

The UK has recently passed a law which bans vaping while operating a motor vehicle. The person that gets caught is looking at receiving added points and up to 2500 GBP fine. Don’t vape while driving, if you must vape then pull over and stop your car before setting up your gear.


As we can see, vaping doesn’t come without a few rules that should be followed. However, these rules are not there to spoil our enjoyment, on the contrary, they exist to help us avoid troubles. Proper conduct and good manners are always in fashion, attention to our behavior sends a positive image to other people. Enjoy vaping responsibly and with other people’s integrity on your mind.

About the author:

Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.)

Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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