Choosing the Right Supplements for You

Choosing the right supplement can make you feel more energetic, alert, and give you the right amount of nutrients for your body. What you lack in food intake can be made up through supplements. By the same measure, using the wrong supplement can cause you some physical problems such as: constipation, diarrhea, nausea or blood thinning. Most of us don’t eat enough variety of healthy food, so that’s where supplements can help us.

First check with your doctor if you need supplements. Having said that most of us do need supplements because much of the food we eat cannot provide all the nutrients we need due to several reasons. Some of these reasons include:

Soil depletion: There are often inadequate farming practices around the world and these practices can deplete the soil of essential nutrients. Fertilizers will sustain the life of a plant, but save hardly enough nutrients for the human body.

Water depletion: Water is often depleted of minerals. Items such as water filters contribute to that.

Toxin exposure: Our bodies are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Where toxin is present, you need more nutrients to fight it. Unnatural lighting, solvents and cleaners, and stressful times increase our need for nutrients.

The body was not created to handle all of this, and supplements can help to balance things out.

Categories of Supplements

Supplements are not always about food. For example, we’re exposed to daily toxins and need to detox by using supplements such as supplements from Microbe Formulas for detox.

Supplements to choose from are numerous. Most of them fall into 1 of these 4 categories:

Vitamins and minerals: They often come in the form of multivitamins.

Specialty supplements: Many can be used to lower blood pressure, or reduce arthritis symptoms. The most used forms are omega-3/fatty acids and other fish oil supplements.

Herbal: Green tea and supplements which use garlic can be found in this category as well as detoxing supplements.

Weight management and sports: Energy drinks and protein supplements are the most common.

Choosing the right supplement

With so many choices, you need to make an informative decision on which supplements are right for you. Here are some tips on making the right decision.

What do you need it for?

You must ask yourself this question. Are you having various physical ailments that might be reduced by taking a supplement? Are you having a weight loss issue? Are you just in need of multi-vitamins to balance your diet? Depending on what you need it for will narrow your choices.

Age and gender: Both these are factors in deciding. Some supplements work best on young people, others work better for older people, and some are designed for either sex, and some are common for all genders. The nutrients that your body needs depend on age, what you normally eat, health condition, and foreseeable health problems. So, you need to address those four factors in order to choose right.

Do your homework: You need to check about any supplement you’re considering to take. Just because a certain supplement might be all the rage for now, doesn’t mean it suits you or your body. Supplements are not about trends or an ad you saw. They’re about getting the proper ones into your body.

Read the label: If you don’t understand what’s written on the label, use the internet to search the ingredients used to get a good understanding. Also check the brand and the company that has manufactured the supplements. Some labels have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) printed on them, so that would be a good sign of a reputable brand and company that has consistency and purity in their products. If you’re still confused, read the label of the most expensive one, and that will show you what you should be looking for according to your need. You don’t have to buy it, but you can use it as reference.

While low prices are always tempting when buying anything, be wary if the price is too low. Supplements are not that cheap and when the original price is cheap, that might mean the company has skimmed down on the active ingredient.

4 basic questions: It’s important to have four thorough answers to these four questions:

What are the side effects?

What are the benefits?

How much should I take?

How long should I take it for?

If you’re not getting enough of certain nutrients or need a supplement for another reason, you know now what to look for when choosing.

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