How to Measure Body Fat Percentage & Body Fat Scales

When you measure your body weight, you need to know that it does not just comprise of body fat. The body weight involves the total weight of your fat, muscles, and bones. It may so happen that you spend hours at the gym every day and still your body weight does not go down. This is nothing to feel demoralized about. It is quite possible that the percentage of fat that comprised the total body weight got reduced and your muscle mass has increased. This will also show not much of a difference in your total body weight. If you are eager to know, there are several ways for you to find out the total body fat percentage of your body.

Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage

When it comes to measuring the body fat percentage, there are several ways to help you with it. However, not every method is equally accurate. Here are some of the best ways to measure body fat percentage.

  • Multi-Compartment Models: When it comes to measuring body fat percentage, the multi-compartment models are said to be the most accurate method. In this method, the models split your entire body in 3 or even more primary parts. Several tests are needed by these models to get proper estimates of body volume, body mass, bone, and body water content. Although it is very accurate method of getting body fat composition, it is more often than not unavailable for the general public. This method also needs several different assessments and is more complex than other methods.
  • 3-D Body Scanners: These scanners generally use infrared sensors in order to get proper and detailed look at the shape of the body. The sensors basically help to generate a 3-D image of your body. There are some devices that require you to stand on a rotating surface for some time while the scanner detects your body shape. On the other hand, there are some devices that use several sensors that move around your body. This method is comparatively simple and quick. However, these scanners are not easily available.
  • EIM or Electrical Impedance Myography: In this method of finding out your total body fat percentage, your body’s response to small electrical currents is measured. However, unlike other methods that also use similar technique, EIM sends out currents through smaller parts of your body. The devices that transmit electrical currents are placed on various parts of your body in order to estimate body fat of those particular regions. This method is also pretty easy and quick. However, when it comes to the accuracy level, not much information is available about it.
  • Bio Impedance Spectroscopy or BIS: This method also uses electrical currents like some other methods. However, the amount of electrical currents used in this method is pretty high, along with both high and low frequencies. BIS uses mathematics to predict the amount of body fluid inside your body and it also analyzes the data in a different manner. Although BIS is quick, the devices used for this method is not available.
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