Never Too Young to Prepare for the Future

Daycare centers have the responsibility to do more than just merely watch your children while you are at work. These facilities should be endowed with the ability to provide them with the educational tools necessary to succeed for when they move on from daycare and matriculate into Kindergarten and grade school beyond.

While most childcare centers perform the tasks of watching and protecting the children in attendance, Daycare Marlborough goes further to ensure that each one is ready for their academic careers to come. For this childcare provider, the educational experience is paramount and they believe that this time in a child’s life is a fertile ground that must be cultivated for the benefit of the child’s physical and emotional well-being.

It’s never too early to get a child started on learning the skills needed to succeed in school. This starts from the ground up, from the earliest years as a toddler right through the child’s formative years at the age of four and five. Daycare Marlborough offers every child the ability for what they term “progressive learning” in which children are allowed to learn within an environment that is caring and nurturing while continuing to challenge their mental acumen through every aspect of programmatic curriculum.

The staff and personnel of Daycare Marlborough feel that a child can only be successful at reaching the goals ahead through a multifaceted support system that includes parents, first and foremost, alongside educators and the child’s own peers around them. This is why every approach towards the daily care of the child is centered around working in concert with the family, so as to provide that child with the framework for molding a well-rounded individual.

The various educational programs that exist at Daycare Marlborough are designed to help the child’s full development, where they can discover who they are, what they want to do when they grow up, and above all, instill in them the confidence that they can achieve whatever dreams they may have for their future. Incorporating the parents in this road map for success is critical for the child’s growth. That means enforcing a strong bond between parents and teachers so that each child can start out in life on the right foot.

Attending Daycare Marlborough

Parents who intend to place their children into one of the daycare programs at Marlborough must first decide which program is best-suited for the needs of the child. This is done with parents and administrators making that decision together and the determination is made based on the age of the child.

Separating the children into appropriate age groups ensures that every one of them has a safe and nurturing educational environment in which to play, express themselves, and grasp the fundmentals of topics they will expect to learn as they move into Kindergarten and grade school. A well-prepared child performs much better in their classes once they leave the environment of daycare. So it only makes sense to take the time to get them ready during this period of their lives.

The following are the programs offered at Daycare Marlborough and how each can benefit the child’s growth and development:

Toddler Program

This program is intended for children up to 33 months of age and it centers around providing toddlers with the chance to embrace their physical tendencies through mobility and play. They are given time in a gym environment twice a day as a means for not just improving their mobility but helping to build their muscular functionality.

Toddlers are also given an introduction to very basic educational aspects where they can participate in exercises that work towards building their vocabulary and helping them broaden their imaginations with arts and crafts as well as other group activities. For the latter, group participation also helps the children improve their social skills.

Working together with others is essential for personal growth and development as it provides the framework for excelling in a classroom environment.

Preschool Program

The second stage of the Daycare Marlborough curriculum places more of an emphasis on the basic educational facets that were introduced in the previous program and builds upon them. The learning process takes place through a mix of playtime and academics for the purposes of giving each child the ability to learn at their own pace.

It is in this program where there is more personal one-on-one interaction between child and educator to help promote self-discovery through positive reinforcement.

Pre-K Program

As the child moves through the Daycare Marlborough curriculum, they do so on the path towards entering Kindergarten. The pre-Kindergarten program is designed to give children a warm, welcoming learning environment that is intended to emulate the educational atmosphere that Kindergarten provides.

The biggest challenge is to help the child adjust through the transition from attending daycare to attending more structured classes where children need to incorporate a different skill set for their education.

Kindergarten Program

This program is what all of the programs are intended to support through their curriculum for learning in the service of helping every child reach their educational goals. The academic facets that were introduced in the earlier part of the child’s progression through Daycare Marlborough become more intensive for academic preparation further down the road.

The Kindergarten program offers a full menu of educational advantages that are related to the child’s reading and writing capabilities, the basics of mathematics, and providing them with an introduction to learning a new language other than their own. In this case, that language is Russian as educators teach basic Russian words and phrases.

This program’s main focus is to prepare the child for success in elementary school. These lessons are provided with the intent of helping every child understand what is expected of them in a strict academic setting and give them the tools for accomplishing educational goals that have been set forth from a young age. 

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