What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Sell Textbooks

You’ve finished your college classes for the semester or the year and you’re left with a pile of textbooks. So, what do you do with them? One option is to go online to BooksRun and sell them. Look at what to expect when you go to sell your textbooks at BooksRun.

Enter the ISBN of a Textbook

The first step in this easy process is to find out what your textbooks are worth. You do this by entering the ISBN of the textbook into the search box on the home page of BooksRun. The ISBN will be located on the back cover of the textbook near the barcode. If it’s not there, it will be on the copyright page of the book. After pressing the search button, you’ll see your book and an offer in the form of a dollar amount. This is the buyback price.

Receive a Response Regarding the Value of Your Textbook

If a textbook you have is in demand, you’ll be able to sell it to BooksRun for the price noted on the results page. Some textbooks are not in demand or not being used for college courses anymore. If this is the case, you’ll see the words not currently buying on the results page.

Make a Decision on Whether to Sell the Book for That Price

If you receive an offer on a textbook, you can accept it by clicking on the sell button. The textbook will go into your cart with the other books you’re selling.

Check the Condition of Your Textbooks

Part of the selling process involves stating the condition of your textbooks. You must click on New, Acceptable or Used Very Good. The condition of your book factors into the price you’ll get for it.

Books Not Accepted?

BooksRun has guidelines regarding the condition of the textbooks we buy back. For example, we don’t buy back textbooks with a damaged or weak binding. Books with water damage are also not acceptable. You can find all of these guidelines on the BooksRun website.

Print Out a Shipping Label

Good news! You’ve discovered you have several textbooks in great condition and have value on BooksRun. You’ve clicked the sell button for each of them. You’ll receive a total amount for the books you’re selling. At this point, you print out a prepaid shipping label, so you can send the books to BooksRun and receive your money. As a note, the value of your textbooks must add up to at least $25.00 in order to sell them back. This makes it possible for BooksRun to provide prepaid shipping to customers.

Securely Pack the Books in a Box

Most of the textbooks you sell to BooksRun are likely to be used. But, that doesn’t mean they should be treated roughly in the shipping process. So, be sure to securely pack your textbooks in a box so they don’t slide around and take on damage. Don’t forget to attach the prepaid shipping label to the box before sending it.

Sending Back Your Textbooks in a Timely Way

When you agree to sell your books to BooksRun, you’ll see a shipping deadline that will be up in five days. If you forget to send your books and miss the deadline, it’s necessary to reactivate your order. This will recalculate the value of your books and give you another five days to send them in.

Monitor the Tracking Number of the Box

Once you send your box of books to BooksRun, you’ll want to know when they’re received so you can look for your payment. Take note of the tracking number on the prepaid label so you can enter the number and find out where your package is in its journey to BooksRun. Packages should be sent via USPS or FedEx.

Processing and Payment

Remember that once your textbooks are processed, you’ll be sent payment within about four days. You can receive your money instantly via PayPal or you can go the traditional way and ask for a check. If you go with the check payment option, you must allow 20 days to receive it via the mail.

When you sell your textbooks, you benefit by making some money off books you aren’t likely to use again. Plus, the textbooks may be sold to other students who can benefit by getting a good price on a textbook they need for class! So, when you decide to sell your textbooks to BooksRun, it’s a win-win for everyone!

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