4 Surefire Ways to Make Extra Income in 2019

Whether you have many financial plans and goals that wish to achieve, or just interested to learn how to earn extra cash, there are always expenses and bills that will come to surprise you. Learning to be wise with your money will help you become more financially stable at all times.

            Here are some aspects of your life that will greatly and significantly change when you learn to be financially literate:

  • Settle and pay your credit from reviewed licensed moneylenders.
  • Helps you for a stable retirement plan.
  • Save money such as a vacation trip or funds for a bigger purchase.
  • Helps you enjoy your work.

Who says you can’t earn more than you’re getting now?

  1. Make money online.

Thanks to our technology, finding jobs online is not a problem anymore, because there are many legal websites that offer limitless opportunities; may it be a sideline job or full-time. In addition, working online allows you to be independent away from the four corners of a company building and gives you the freedom to do your job anywhere and anytime. If you are interested in this, then you should start here:

  • Help others in making a good resume. Yes, you’ve read it right. Resume business online is a top hit and many people would gladly be assisted in making and improving their resume. If you have the skill in writing one, then surely you’ll be able to make money from it!
  • Edit content articles. Courses, websites, and books- the all need editors! Even if how many times the article has been checked, there are minimal errors slips.
  • Answer online surveys. Here are the survey companies that I highly recommend you to join and register; Swagbucks, American Consumer, Clear Voice Surveys, Survey Junkie, Survey Spot, Opinion Outpost, Pinecone Research, Harris Poll Online.
  • Be a freelance writer. This person’s job is to write magazines, blogs, and websites for several clients. The advantage of working in this career is that you don’t only work for one client and this gives you a big possibility to have your freedom in writing different niches.
  1. Generate a side business.

If working as an employee is not your style, then don’t worry, you can still earn money by creating a small business of your own! Not only it’ll help you make thousands of hundreds, but you’re the boss in this job! Here are the business ideas you can turn into reality:

  • Stroll dogs to earn money. If you are a pet lover, then this is a perfect job for you! In this side hustle, you won’t be stressed about in taking good care and petting this fur companion.
  • Do tutorial classes on a particular subject. In this job all you have to do is help someone to understand their lessons, learn a new language, and prepare for major exams and many more.  Your compensation from tutorial classes is also a great way to help pay your debt from your trusted licensed money lender.
  • Do housekeeping. If you love to organize things and clean around, then this is for you! There are some people that due to their hectic schedules they don’t have time cleaning their homes, and this is where your help is badly needed!
  1. Sell your pre-loved items.

Who says conducting garage sale is boring? In selling items, you can guarantee that there will be profit in return; because many people want to purchase cheap objects and furniture but are highly-functional. Should you want to know more, then continue reading below:

  • Sell your old school books. After your school year ends, immediately sell your books t those who are incoming of that certain year. Many students would be interested in purchasing books because it’s cheaper and practical.
  • Donate/Sell your blood, plasma, eggs. You’ve read it right, these have prices and many would want to be your buyer. Of course, make sure that the medical procedure is safe and it’s legal. This can earn you some extra cash but this is not an easy money, though.
  1. Make money out of your job right now.

If you currently have a job and already satisfied with what you’re doing, there’s still a way that you can earn more money than what you have right now. Listed below are the tips that I recommend you to try:

  • Work overtime. Ask your department heads if they allow overtime, but most likely, they’d welcome that. Plus, you can earn very decent money from this. You’re already there, why not make the use of it?
  • Ask for a salary raise. Asking for a salary raise is definitely alright, as long as you have maintained excellent performance in your work.
  • Earn bonuses. This one depends on the company you’re in, but there are times these situations happen. Don’t lose hope!
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Author: James McQuiston

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