6 of the Best Dream Date Ideas

It can be difficult to plan a date for a special someone who means the world to you. Sometimes, everything that you think of seems to fall short of your desire to show them how you feel. 

But the truth is, your significant other will likely enjoy anything that you put some thought into!

Whether you are looking for a romantic destination for your Valentine’s Day dinner or simply wanting to take your significant other out for no reason at all, these six date ideas are sure to impress.

1. Dinner Cruises

Dinner cruises are a great and romantic date idea. Nothing beats enjoying quality time with your significant other while eating a meal surrounded by breathtaking views of the water. 

Also, these dates can also be affordable for the average person. Depending on where and when you reserve your dinner cruise, many of them offer affordable options so that you can show how much you care without breaking the bank. A breathtaking dinner cruise in Dubai Marina, for instance, is only about $40 USD per person. 

2. Take a Painting Class

Get in touch with your creative side by planning a fun date at an art studio. Your date is sure to love the idea of creating something special with you, and as a bonus, you get to take home a work of art that you made with them. 

Most towns and cities have at least one art studio offering lessons, so look up the one nearest you and surprise your significant other with a creative date.

3. Go for a Picnic

Does your date love the outdoors? Plan a picnic in one of their favorite spots; whether you choose a spot overlooking a part of the park that they love or you set up a picnic in the spot where you first met them, they will definitely feel the romance. 

4. Visit an Aquarium

Come on, we have all seen the cute movie scenes where the couple goes to an aquarium and has a romantic montage of their time together. 

Have your own movie scene with your date with the bonus of getting to look at some amazing animals and fish. 

5. Go See a Movie… In Your Living Room

While going to the theater is great and all, it does not really have the romantic factor that you are looking for. But this does not mean that you cannot see a movie.

The solution: create a comfy campsite in your living room. Set up a floor of pillows and create a ceiling out of a bed sheet. Decorate your new romantic getaway with Christmas lights and light a few candles (outside the tent, of course). 

Before you know it, you will have the perfect place to spend time with your date while watching your favorite movies. 

6. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

For an exciting and romance-filled afternoon, take a hot air balloon ride. You and your date will get to spend time together while you both experience something truly wonderful. 

Your date will surely be impressed that you got them a gigantic balloon that will take the two of you soaring through the clouds. 


Your significant other will likely love any moment with you, but that does not mean that you do not get to make certain moments a little extra special. 

If you want to impress a new person in your life or remind someone who has been with you through it all how romantic you can be, these six date ideas are sure to bring a smile to their face.

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Author: James McQuiston

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