Can You Use CBD Oil While Pregnant? The Detailed Guide to Know

The life growing inside a woman’s womb encounters everything she touches. In spite of that, we still hear many women choosing to use CBD Oil deal with some of the effects of pregnancy like nausea, morning sickness, stress, sleeplessness, food aversion, cramps, pains, and aches as well as anxiety.

Because Cannabis contains more than 100 Cannabinoids including THC as an active compound (THC is a psychoactive compound), it is easy to conclude that every cannabis product and by-product might have these (Psychoactive) effects. CBD Oil could be a healthier alternative.

The Impact of CBD Oil on Pregnancy

As a Cannabinoid, CBD Oil does not induce any Psychoactive effect and is much safer the THC. Depending on Various Variables like the method of use, the impact of CBD on a fetus is minimal.

CBD Oil is widely used as a muscle relaxant. It can help women with contractions. This effect occurs when synthetic CBD oil comes upon cells outside of the body. The conclusion was that, with the help of oxytocin-Included in Urine-Contractions, the result happened. However, more research will conclusively prove this.

Based on studies done on pregnant mice, it was found that CBD is safer than THC. Since it does not alter Ovulation or damage embryonic cells unlike THC, which many know, adjusts even the gestation period

The Best Consumption Method

It is apparent that smoking Marijuana is not an ideal option to deal with the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy.

Edible rich in CBD offer an alternative in avoiding the dangers of THC. Provided a pregnant woman does not make the edible herself, thus avoid even trace elements of THC. If you are pregnant and have to make them yourself, you can minimize the risk of these trace elements of THC by using a controlled dosage or using organic products.

If you have a sore body, you can use lotions or salves infused with CBD oil, on the affected area. You can make one yourself or search through the many legally available CBD oil Products online or at CBDTrust

The use of sprays containing CBD Oil infusions is also a very viable option when it comes to dealing with pregnancy-related complications such as nausea. Sprays are a good option because, the amount of CBD that is assimilated into the body, is limited.

CBD Oil products are available for consumption in many forms from infusions, capsules, tinctures to a list of new products that are coming up every day. The key to using CBD products is acquiring them from a legal and trustworthy source.

The Effects CBD Oil Has On the Fetus

From the limited research on Cannabis, evidence shows that a fetus is composed of just two cells that have the endocannabinoid system. This system has endocannabinoids as receptors, which bind Cannabinoid receptors in CBD products.

Studies show that THC inhibits the development of embryos consisting of less than eight cells since it has high levels of anandamide, a natural cannabinoid found in the human body. Anandamide is also present in CBD. Because of this, its use during pregnancy presents risks.

As it is with everything health related, it is probably wise to seek a Doctor’s opinion before using anything CBD Oil or any other medication. Your Doctor is the best suited in determining the risks and the benefits that come with using any drug or medication during the fragile nine months.


Many women have reported using CBD oil during pregnancy to reduce nausea. What is of vital consideration is the method of use, which is a significant factor in lowering trace elements of THC found in CBD Oil products?

Existing research is contradictory as to the exact effects of CBD on pregnancy. With so many variables to consider, it is best to see the approval of a doctor. Smoking Cannabis will put the fetus at risk of being exposed to THC. A compound, which contains psychoactive elements has, hormones known to stunt the growth of the fetus.

All factors considered CBD oil does not have any effect on the fetus. The low-risk rating is terrific news for those in need of a solution where alternative options do not work.

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