Crazy Facts about Badoo

Are you single and browsing through the dating app space in search of true love or a casual fling? Online dating is nothing new. People no longer face any stigma when they say they are scouting for their next boyfriend online.

All the ladies and fellas are out there looking for love or not, Badoo is a blend of a dating website and a social networking platform. With this app, you can scout for long term relationships or casual hookups in a single swipe.

What is Badoo?

Badoo is over a decade old, born in 2006. It is a social discovery website with a focus on meeting new people. It has grown to 350 million users with a presence in 190 countries. According to Badoo, the company has hit close to $100+ million in revenue since its conception.

The dating site scans for new interests in your geographical area to hook you up. It boasts of having the biggest demography of young people aged 20 to 28 years old.

Most U.S citizens are unfamiliar with this online brand. It was born in Spain, spent most of its teenage years in Europe before going to East Asia and finally moving to the Middle East, Africa, and South America in its adult years. It has recently launched in the U.S.

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What are some of the Interesting Facts you didn’t know about Badoo?

  1. Badoo pairs you up with your Doppelganger

Are you feeling frustrated because you cannot date your celebrity crush? Relax, Badoo is bent on fulfilling your desires. It uses facial recognition feature to pair you up with your celebrity lookalike. Think of someone who resembles your favorite celebrity such as Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian or even Idris Alba.

Imagine meeting up for lunch with Idris Alba on Monday, going for a drink with Jason Derulo on Tuesday and so forth, isn’t it cool?

How does it work?

The lookalike feature taps into the technology of facial recognition to scan through thousands of your favorite celebrities or that sexy boss you’ve been eyeing.

You upload the picture — the app shops for your ideal facial features. Within no time you get paired up with partners with similar profiles from their 350 million user database. You can swipe through the range of profiles chosen and pick your ideal mates before striking a conversation. You get a simple yet fun and interesting way to hook up with your crush’s twin.

  • Badoo blocks out Catfishing

With over 350 million users, how do you know if someone is running a phony account on Badoo? You never know who is lurking behind that flowery profile. The site has a feature that rids it of catfishing to increase your chances of finding true love.

Fake profiles, ghosting, and catfishing are some of the greatest frustrations that most women face when it comes to online dating. Their photo verification feature, as it strikes out fake profiles.

To verify your photo;

You will need to pose for a selfie. Badoo verifies that your photo and images uploaded on your profile match. You get to upgrade your photos and use the current pictures.  The verification process is instant.

 As a verified user you can choose to only engage with other verified users. This saves you precious time and effort because you only chat with legitimate users. Photo verification is Badoo’s new weapon against phony profiles.

  • Badoo finds you new friends

Raise your hand if half of your Facebook friends are not your real friends but friends of friends. Huh? Random people you don’t know and most probably will never meet.

There is a more real-friend oriented platform with less of, “Who the hell are you?” Facebook scenario.  Welcome to the season of Badoo.

According to Badoo, 50% of their users have actually met a contact in the real world. Even more, 45% of Badoo users have made at least a single real friend through Badoo. 12% have gotten into serious relationships, and 2% have married their partners from the site.

What do you think we would say about Facebook stats when it comes to relationships?

  • Say goodbye to Ghosting

Ghosting is when you abruptly zone out and end a conversation with a potential romantic interest without warning. This is a common trend with most dating apps. You meet someone. They pass your list of qualities you admire on a potential love interest.

You’re excited about getting your friendship offline. And just when you are about to set up a date, they suddenly go quiet. The conversation grows cold in an instant and hits a dead end. No more replies to your chats. Hate to say it, but they bailed out on you.

 Ghosting is a rude and insensitive trend. It is a painful and counterproductive tactic as broadly captured in Badoo has launched its new anti-ghosting feature. You are not allowed to ghost a potential interest.

You have the answer options to use. If you have received a message within 3 days with no reply, Badoo gives you reply options you can’t escape. They believe that even if someone is not a good fit, you ought to give them closure.

  • Badoo is an Erosion of Privacy

Well. if your spouse is cheating, you only need a Badoo app to tell it all. Badoo gives access to their new visitors to check out which of their friends is on the dating site. It fishes for contacts from your phonebook or Facebook account. 

You don’t need to join the site to access this information. All you need to do is enter your email address and boom! Badoo will work out the details. You also get the option of seeing who among your email contacts is a member. If you value your online privacy steer clear of this site.

Researchers from Cambridge University in 2009 ranked Badoo as the worst site for privacy. The ranking was done out of a total of 45 sites, and Badoo scored 23%. Member profiles are also exposed in Google searches without having to sign in.

Anyone can see your picture and read your profile. Imagine this, “Mike, 35-year-old male married from Denver. Seeking a no-strings-attached relationship with a lady of age 20 to 30 years.

Bottom line:

Badoo is a dating site with a cocktail blend of social networking. This virtual baby has grown drastically over the years with the social networking aspect giving it an upper edge over competitor dating sites.

The website offers a streamlined layout and easy to use platform. You can meet people in your country and other countries. Give Badoo a try. Take necessary precautions when meeting an interest for the first time and watch out for any red flags.

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