Discreet Self-Defense Tools And When To Use Them

As you go about your daily activities, it is important to ensure that you are safe. This is not always easy, especially because you might become a victim of an attack anytime. For instance, it would be natural to feel insecure while in an alley because the muggings occur in such isolated areas. When in such a situation, one must act fast to avoid becoming a victim of a brutal mugging.It is essential; therefore, that you acquire some defensive skills and self-defense tools that will enhance your safety. We have summarized some of the most discreet self-defense tools in addition to reviewing when you might need to use them.

Discreet Self-Defense Tools

1. A tactical knife

A tactical knife might be the best discrete self-defense tool that you could ever have in your bag or pocket. If you are at least 20 feet away from your attacker, the knife will be more effective as compared to a gun because you can even deliver a life threatening strike with it.Besides defending yourself, you can also use a knife in other ways.When buying a tactical self-defense knife, it is imperative to go for a lightweight one for ease of use. Self-defense experts also encourage you to ensure the blade is at least 3 inches long to make the knife effective.The knife should also be made from superior quality material to withstand tough fights.Most tactical knives feature a pocket clip so you can easily access it in case of an emergency. This way, you will not have to fumble deep into the pocket or bag to find it.

2. Taser gun

Most individuals prefer a taser guns to real guns and other tools due to their non-lethal aspect. Also known as stun guns, taser guns are probably the second most popular self-defense tools after knives. The tool will keep the attacker immobile for at least 5 seconds, which means that you will have ample escape time.The best taser gun should come with two shock plates to ensure that the shock it delivers is of the highest voltage possible for efficiency.Some taser gun brands feature a LED flashlight to allow you to use your defense tool in dark, scary places.

3. Pepper spray

This is a self-defense tool most common among women since it is easy to carry and use. All you have to do is quickly retrieve it and spray it on the attacker’s face. The spray causes a severe irritation to the eyes and skins, not to mention the vexation experienced in the respiratory system. The chafe should render the attacker uncomfortable for some time.Although the pepper spray might not stop the attacker, it should slow him/her down, thus buying you enough escape time. This will ultimately increase your chances of escaping to safety.Aside from acquiring a lightweight pepper spray, going for a brand with a UV marking dye is even better. This is because the authorities will be in a better position to identify the attacker even after he/she has escaped. It is also imperative to go for the can fitted with a spring-loaded flip top to ensure that the pepper is only released when you need to use it.

4. Monkey fist

A monkey fist is like a keychain that you can use as a self-defense tool. It consists of a steel ball that is wrapped effectively with a strong rope. The steel ball makes the monkey fist an effective weapon while untangling the rope gives you a heavy-duty rope.

The above products are just but a few discrete self-defense tools that you are likely to find in the market. With extensive research, you will find more concealable, highly portable, and effective weapons to enhance your safety whenever you are walking in the dark or have to venture in unfamiliar areas.

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