Chrystian Lehr – Friends / Hit My Line


Chrystian Lehr comes forth on Friends with a tremendously intense R&B track that touches upon the last 20 years of the musical style. That means that there are hints of Jodeci present alongside Jason Derulo, The Weeknd, Neyo and Trey Songz. In this cut. Chrystian is able to both weave a cogent narrative and add mightily to the overall melodies established on the track. The tempo rises and falls during the track, ensuring that listeners are on the edges of their seats until the last note. A booming bassy drum keeps fans firmly focused on the track. Coming forth with such confidence during this cut bodes well for Lehr; one could easily imagine Friends garnering massive airplay and playlist placement.

Rating: 8.1/10

Hit My Line

In terms of pure passion and raw sexuality, Chrystian’s Hit My Line may be top of the heap. It is during this effort where listeners will hear the rich vocals and tremendous range that Lehr has developed over the course of the last few years. During Hit My Line, the backing beat flitters in the background and continues to highlight Chrystian’s vocals at all points. While Hit My Line runs just up against the 3:30 mark, the energy of the track will make the song seem much, much too short. Repeat spins may be required to get one’s fill of Lehr during this outing.

Rating: 8.4/10

Final Thoughts

Taken together, Friends and Hit My Line will introduce listeners nicely to the innovative performer that is Chrystian Lehr. For additional information about Lehr, samples of his music, and any further updates, visit his social media and main domain. Let us know what you think about the pair of songs that we have covered in this piece in the comments section below.

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