8 Amazing Things To Do In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, praised for its enticing red-rock charm and therapeutic environment, is truly a slice of heaven on earth. For years, this beloved desert town has been luring spiritual seekers, travelers and photography connoisseurs. And, with tons of opportunities for adventure, Sedona also makes the ultimate getaway for outdoor adrenaline junkies and fitness buffs. As a matter of fact, Sedona is often rated as one of the best places to visit in the USA for all types of travelers.  Whether you’re longing for a yoga break or a heavy dose of adventure, you’ll enjoy every moment of your vacation in Sedona, Arizona.

Visiting the town soon, and need some informative Sedona travel tips? Guess what? We’ve got a handful of tips and hints, to help plan a memorable trip to Sedona, Arizona.


They don’t call Sedona as one of America’s top stargazing destinations for nothing. With clear skies, low light pollution and plenty of open space, you’ll have a ton of chances to go out, and see the visually appealing starry sky in an open desert. And, there are quite a few operators that offer stargazing tours in Sedona, Arizona. With custom-built, state-of-the-art telescopes, these tours let you feast your eyes on galaxies, planets and clusters of stars.


There’s no shortage of picture-perfect hikes in Sedona, Arizona. From easygoing hikes to challenging outdoor adventures, you’ll find a wide range of hikes in Sedona’s red rock wilderness. For a memorable Sedona vacation, hit the town’s most scenic trails, such as Chicken Point, Airport Mesa Loop, Bell Rock Pathway, Canyon Trail, Devil’s Bridge, and many more.

Take a jeep tour

Not in the mood for a hike on Arizona’s red rocky landscapes? For non-hikers, you may still get an up close look of its scenery by experiencing a mind-blowing jeep tour in Sedona, such as the 120-minute Broken Arrow tour. Like hiking in Sedona, this off-road adventure also allows you to see the awesome landscapes and views of the desert town. As an added bonus, it’s an adrenaline-pumping experience with some 45-degree faces.

Go on a one-of-a-kind balloon ride

Want to experience something really epic and spectacular? Then, soar like a bird above Arizona’s grand trademark reddish landscape on a hot air balloon ride. As you’re flying hundreds of feet above the ground, you’ll catch sight of some of Arizona’s landmarks and attractions from a bird’s perspective.

Indulge on a refreshing spa

One of the best ways to end a day of sightseeing in Sedona on a high note is to pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa. From conventional massages to salt scrubs, there are dozens of relaxing spa centers across the mountainous town. And, there are other weirdly wonderful spas that up the ante in Sedona, such as MiiAmo Spa in Enchantment Resort and A Spa for you.

Check out the Vortexes

Feeling a bit weary? Need to recharge your batteries? Aside from the spa centers, there’s another reason why weary travelers love Sedona, Arizona. And that’s the vortex – a place of natural energy that provides feminine, masculine or neutral balancing healing. Feminine vortexes are mainly for meditation, while the masculine ones are for energizing.

As they say, a special force or energy swirls up from the core of the earth, giving specific spots in Sedona, Arizona the ability to heal. Although the whole Sedona area is believed to be a vortex, there are four main areas that are stopping by – The Bell Rock Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex and Airport Vortex.

Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross

Not only is it an admission-free attraction, but it will also wow you with its extraordinary architectural design and breathtaking views. What’s more, the Chapel of the Holy Cross exudes a fairly serene ambiance, especially if you visit on non-peak hours. We strongly recommend that you visit in the morning to get a better car parking position as well as to escape the heavy midday crowds.

Check out Sedona’s wineries

Surprised? Even with Arizona’s dry desert heat, you’ll find a handful of flourishing and growing vineyards in this state. With the rich volcanic soils of the Verde Valley and microclimates mimicking Europe’s wine areas, the state produces a whole lot of delightful wine varieties every year. To make your wine experience pleasurable, follow the famous Verde Valley Wine Trail. Great wines aside, the trail also include some mouthwatering culinary goodies.

Did we miss anything? Want to add something to our list? Feel free to share your thoughts using the comment section!

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