Nowadays Electronic Drum Sets are more popular than acoustic drums

For a drummer, the main concern is about what type of drum kit they should buy- the latest electronic drum kit or the old house acoustic drums. Though both the instruments are based on the percussion system, there are vast differences between them, and that’s the reason why people are eager to try this new e-drums.

So, let’s have a look at why electric drums are being more popular than the acoustic drums for the drummers, both in practice sessions and in live musical concerts.


Whenever you are using a musical instrument, be it a piano or a violin, you need to clear things out for storing the device safely, away from the clutches of any harm. The same goes for the drums. However, when you have two different drum options, you need to consider which is more space consuming than the other one.

You cannot flatten the acoustic drums and stack all of them together in a single cabinet. And moreover, it is tough to dismantle the acoustic drum set. That’s one of the reasons why drummers nowadays prefer electronic drums. These drums are thinner with a simple structure which helps in utilising the storage space efficiently.


If you ask the question about the quality of the sound to an electronic drum guy the first answer that you will get is that e-drums produce far better sounds than the acoustic ones. Now, in the electronic drum kit, you will have an auto-tune volume controller. This helps the drummers to play the instrument in an environment where sound limitations have been imposed. Moreover, as the electronic drums use the channels to generate the sound, you will hear only the music and not the sound produced when the drumsticks are striking the surface.


Now, another thing that is fuelling the popularity of electronic drums is the utility of this technology. If you are a beginner and wants to practice with the instrument in your home, electronic drums are the ideal choice. After all, they won’t make any unnecessary sounds, and you can play swiftly. Also, e-drum kits come with microphones for you to hear carefully the beats and the rhythms you are playing. This thing, is, however, not possible in the acoustic drums.


When it comes to the budget, acoustic drums might win the confrontation, but as said, every good thing comes with a price. The same is with the electronic drums. As the electronic drums come with various other side instruments like the footpads, the metronome, the microphone, and so on, the budget rises. But that’s something drummers are ready to bear to experience how it feels to use the new technology to play along with the music.


So, after every kind of arguments, it can be said that even though the acoustic drums are still prevalent, the electronic drums are on their way of surpassing the threshold level. With more new technological advancements, it can be said that e-drums are going to change the face of the music world. Have a look at this awesome E-drum site.

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