Cabinet Chaos No More: How To Maximize Your Medicine Cabinet Storage Space

Have you ever gone out and bought medication only to find later that you already had some lying at the back of a cupboard? It’s a bitter pill to swallow and a sign that it’s time for some medicine cabinet storage treatment.

Here’s a prescription designed to help you get your pills and medication in order. Soon you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Decide on a Space

The first thing to do is to find a space that’s appropriate for storing your medicines. If you have small children it needs to be out of reach. It should also be a cool and dark place as that’s the environment most medicines prefer.

If your meds are jumbled up together with items of clothing or cosmetics then it’s time for a rethink. Invest in a cabinet where you’ll only store medicines, or set aside a cupboard shelf for the sole purpose of keeping your pills and ointments.

Next, gather all your medicines into one place. If at the moment, they’re scattered around the home in all sorts of different places then things will have to change. Go through all the medication and set aside any that are out of date

Dispose of expired medicines responsibly. The FDA says most can be thrown away with your regular trash. This is provided they’re in a resealable zipper storage bag and are mixed with something undesirable like used coffee grounds.

Clever Ideas for Medicine Cabinet Storage 

Now separate children’s medicine from those for adults. Next, divide the medicines into categories. These could include cold and cough remedies, headache tablets, and antibiotics. Put any paraphernalia such as syringes and bandages to one side.

Once you can see what you have, you can compartmentalize your medicines. To do this effectively you’ll need to invest in some storage units. Here are things that can work to organize your medicine effectively:

  • clear storage boxes or trays 
  • a lazy Susan
  • a rotating pill organizer
  • small metal buckets for swabs and syringes
  • wooden craft boxes
  • a specific first aid box
  • a plastic fishing tackle box

The Importance of Labels

Before making purchases, take the dimensions of your cabinet to ensure any trays or boxes you buy will fit. Always choose large containers that you can see through.

If your shelves aren’t high enough for some of your bottles then decant the medicine into brand new smaller, leak-proof bottles. You’ll be able to pick these up at your local DIY store or pharmacy along with the other storage ideas. 

Most important of all make sure all your containers and fresh bottles are properly labeled. This is easy to do using Adobe Spark’s label maker.

Attach a small message board to the inside of the cabinet door. You can use this to add reminders about expiry dates, and items that need replenishing.

To Your Good Health!

Getting things in order is good for your mental well-being. Our medicine cabinet storage tips will help you to keep on top of your meds. That means everything will be up to date and you’ll never run out of the pills you need. 

Continue reading our blog for more top tips including why you should be on your guard when buying medicines online.

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