Path of Exile Blight Builds: Here Are the Best Ones

Path of Exile’s latest expansion is Blight, and it has changed the game in a better way. The expansion has added some new content that can be purchased using PoE currency like Exalted Orb. It has also introduced some changes to spells, but most of them that worked perfectly in the last league can be … Continue reading “Path of Exile Blight Builds: Here Are the Best Ones”

Exile on Broad Street (Libertine)

Libertine has given their Biere de Garde a bit of time in brandy barrels, which gives the brew a bit of a bite that has a tendency to take one’s breath away. The beer pours with a light brown to dark tan coloration ad a fair amount of off-white head that is fairly slow to … Continue reading “Exile on Broad Street (Libertine)”

Beatnik Sour (Exile Brewing)

There are quite literally hundreds of different sour beers that have been released by different breweries over the course of the last year or so. It seems to be one of the hottest styles that is present when it comes to microbrewery efforts and Des Moines, Iowa’s Exile Brewing is trying their hand at an … Continue reading “Beatnik Sour (Exile Brewing)”

A.S. Exile CD Review

Do what you want is the introductory track to Exile, and it builds off the work of Queensryche and The Scorpion. There is an eye to current music, with the vocals achieving Maroon 5 levels of allure. A.S. provides listeners with a track that will immediately draw them in; the eponymous track follows and spins … Continue reading “A.S. Exile CD Review”


Trash Talk have taken to their Tumblr to share new track “Exile on Broadway” and to invite you all to a free show at their home in Los Angeles. The show is at noon on 10/06. Email them at TrashTalk119 at gmail dot com for the location and more info. STREAM: “Exile On Broadway” –  … Continue reading “TRASH TALK SHARE “EXILE ON BROADWAY””

Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile – Lonely Streets EP (CD)

  Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile create on the Lonely Streets EP a title that touches upon pop, country, and strong female singer-songwriters. Best I’ve Ever Had has a catchy melody that works its way deep into the psyche of listeners. The energy exhibited here is simply infectious, and this will bring in a … Continue reading “Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile – Lonely Streets EP (CD)”

Aloud – Exile (CD)

Having shed two members since their last release, Boston indie band Aloud is down to a duo, but don’t assume that means a sparse sound. Far from it. Down to members Jennifer de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain, both who share vocal and guitar duties (and occasionally pick up the bass or play piano or … Continue reading “Aloud – Exile (CD)”

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (Nintendo DS)

For those individuals that have not had much an idea about the history behind Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled, it has been in development since at least 2006. The game had a serious possibility of being left out to dry, as it was originally developed for the Game Boy Advance. Luckily, both Studio Archcraft … Continue reading “Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (Nintendo DS)”

WHITECHAPEL enters Audiohammer Studios to record follow up to ‘This is Exile’

Just home from touring with Trivium and Chimaira and closing out an extremely busy and successful year, Tennessee’s WHITECHAPEL are now set to head into the studio December 27th to January 31st with infamous metal producer Jason Suecof (Trivium, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder, Chimaira, DevilDriver and many more). WHITECHAPEL are set to … Continue reading “WHITECHAPEL enters Audiohammer Studios to record follow up to ‘This is Exile’”

How Trans Activism Has Improved the LGBT Quality of Life

Throughout history, there have been many men and women who feel like they were born into the wrong sex. Often, their issues and struggles were swept under the rug at best or highlighted as a punishable crime at worst. However, it was only in 1965 when the term “transgender” was coined. As the concept of … Continue reading “How Trans Activism Has Improved the LGBT Quality of Life”