The Amputees-Needy Vs. Greedy.

2000, self released, 23 songs, 52 minutes. 4 Piece Florida political punk band. It took me a minute to gain my bearings on this CD, as Dustin Prosthesis’ voice is a little hard to understand at times, but it does get easier to understand. The Amputees are pure, abrasive political punk rock that definitely aren’t afraid to let people know their beliefs. The recording is rough, but it actually works in the Amputees favor, as it adds more to the whole experience of the CD. Allen Koholic’s bass playing is great,, coming into play some monstrous lines a la Matt Freeman. The lyrics are very tersely written and mix profanity with very excellent rhymes. The anger that the band feels is turned into a brilliantly aggressive style that makes their hard-edged punk hard to forget. The sound clips that are added to the beginning of every few tracks definitely add an odd feel to the album. I mean, what was the purpose of the quote before “Stop The Testing”? The inclusion of a lyric sheet to this CD helps me further understand the liberal beliefs of the Amputees, as if I didn’t have the sheet I would be missing tons of good rhetoric. Some of the Amputee’s songs sound like the Dead Kennedys due to the urgency of Dustin’s voice and the guitars. A wonderful statement is made with the song WTO, as they perfectly describe the reasons why the WTO is so well liked in the eyes of the rich . This song is simply the best on the disc, with a great bass line , screaming guitar, and a wonderfully catchy guitar. The quote for “New World Order” actually makes sense as it tells the listening audience to fight for themselves. “New World Order” also features another catchy chorus and spanking bass line. One of the odder things I have noticed about the Amputees is that they like to use bongos. Just so it doesn’t seem that I am playing favorites all parts of the Amputees kick ass. I only focus on vocals and bass because I have did both positions in a bunch of shitty bands of my creation . They even do covers, but as they don’t put what bands that they’ve covered, I have no clue how good the cover is. The covers, “Always Restrictions”, “Tube Disasters” and “Death and Destruction” are all fucking excellent covers. “Emotionally Void” starts off with some interesting banter, then goes into a decent sont after they turn their guitars. The change in quality between some of the songs is interesting, and the indy rock instrumental song “The Diddy” breaks up the CD’s urgency. Email Matt at or Dustin at or even go to their page at

Rating :7.8/10.