Moment Theory – S/T

Moment Theory – S/T / 2006 Self / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 23 May 2007

“Calling Shotgun” is the first track on the self-titled EP by Moment Theory, and the guitars kick in with a fury that blends together acts like the Foo Fighters and Velvet Revolver. The stretched-out guitar lines that open up the track also point to hints of emo influence, but the vocals provide a quite different interpretation of things. Regardless, what Moment Theory does on this opening track is create a compelling sound that will bring individuals into the glory of being a Moment Theory fan. The band works together to craft a cohesive and coherent sound that will sound perfect on any radio station that ends up taking a chance on the band.

It is my opinion that as the band is able to garner press, that more radio stations will perk up to this emotive brand of rock music. The band does not exist at the bleeding edge of experimentation but rather crafts something completely new in a genre that many would think is dead. By the time that “Calling Shotgun” is over, individuals will know that there is something special to Moment Theory. The inclusion of an instrumental interlude towards the end of the opening track shows that the band is not merely oriented around a set of vocals, but can exist as a compelling entity all on their own. “The Lovely Truth About Us” follows “Calling Shotgun”, and operates on a slower tempo. If there were any easy comparisons to be made, II would have to say that the band most successfully orients themselves with acts like Incubus during the opening strains of this track.

One can just hear that there is a blast of fury to come, and this is given to the fans by the time that the chorus hits. What “The Lovely Truth About Us” does is give listeners another way to view Moment Theory; by establishing themselves as an act that can change their general sound up, individuals will be at the edge of their sets not knowing what to expect from the band. Of all of the tracks on the EP, “Era of Let Downs” is the most interesting. This is due to the fact that the band mixes in a little “New York Minute” and even Pink Floyd and later Queen to their current brand of rock music. What results is a track that simultaneously looks to the present and past, and it is this desire of Moment Theory that will bring in the most listeners. I look forward to hearing more from the band. Check them out.

Top Track: Era of Let Downs

Rating: 7.2/10