Oskar Blues Grill & Brew – Denver

Oskar Blues has constantly helped our beer review section grow over the years, allowing us to enjoy a variety of their brews, including their IPA, Chubna, Death By Coconut, Hotbox Coffee Porter and Pinner.

We were able to stop in to their new location during our trip to the Denver area. As soon as we walked in the door, we marveled at the decorations and polish of the bar, tables, and overall ambiance of the location. Despite being downtown during the early evening, there was cheap parking literally next door to the restaurant. The Oskar Blues Grill & Brew remained busy throughout our visit, but there were ample enough staff and space to keep a light and air feeling throughout.


The Bacon Candy ($5) was formidable. The additional layer of sugar that enrobes each of the bacon makes for a sweet, salty, and savory beginning to a meal. The Deep Southern Fried Pickles are breaded, giving people a nice little jolt as they chomp into each bite. The assertive flavors of these pickles would pair nicely with an India Pale Ale or other fruit-forward offering.


The sides offered at the restaurant are pretty snazzy takes on new American fare, with crab & corn fritters, cheddar grits, a baked macaroni & cheese and asparagus offered as side plates ($4 ea). We chose two entrees – a “There’s A Hippie In My House”, a sandwich which adds chicken and mozzarella to arugula, tomato, avocado, and red peppers. The sandwich was finished up with hummus and pesto, we were quite pleased at the bevy of flavors that were present. The additional texture given it by the arugula and chicken ensured that one $16 sandwich was more than enough for two servings. Each of the burgers that OB offers here begin with a 1/2 pound patty. Whether one has a Trustafarian Burger ($14) which has arugula, goat cheese, bacon, and honey or the Silo Burger ($15, comes with a goodly amount of BBQ pork with Dale’s original hot sauce, pepperjack and Bacon), one can be sure they have a fulfilling meal. The burger was cooked to a perfect medium while the cold elements were crisp and provided a nice contrast to the bold beef flavors.

The Beer

Of course, it would not be a visit to Oskar Blues if there was not some beering going on. We tried a trio of their main-line and seasonal brews, including the 2018 Fugli, G’Night and Pinner.

Fugli (5.8%) is a different beast than the initial version, linking considerable citrus and fruit elements contributed by the Yuzu and Ugli Fruit with a solid hop snap and ample wheat element. After the bold flavors of the G’Night, the much brighter side to Fugli was a palette cleanser.

For those looking for a big beer before a game or during one of the , the restaurant offers 4-ounce pours of their 12.9% bourbon barrel-aged Ten Fidy which was perhaps the best BBA variant of any stout we’d tasted last year.


The restaurant’s brunch menu is offered on Saturdays & Sundays from 10am to 3pm.  The Oskar Blues Grill & Brew is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11 am to 10 pm, Thursdays 11 am to 12 am with ample weekend hours (11 to 2, 10 to 2, and 10 to 10 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays respectively).

If you find yourself in the Denver area and want good southern-inspired food and a world class slate of suds, make the OB Grill + Brew your first stop.

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew – Denver / https://www.oskarblues.com/


Double IPA (Lone Tree Brewing Company)

Lone Tree’s Double IPA pours with a bit of haze and a goldenrod coloration. There is a tremendous amount of fluffy white head that laces its way down a glass. Hints of wheat and hops are present in the beer’s initial nose. The first sip of this double IPA yields a bit of bitterness but much less than one would imagine from such a heavily-hopped outing. Where the beer will get you is in its’ aftertaste. The sharpness sits on the palette until one is able to take another sip, refreshing things nicely. Continue reading “Double IPA (Lone Tree Brewing Company)”

Maduro Brown Ale (Cigar City)

We originally experienced Cigar City’s Maduro Brown Ale about 5 years ago as one of the first beers we received from outside of our distribution up in NE Ohio. Luckily enough, the distribution footprint for Cigar City increased in the last few months to include Texas, and we were able to check out CC’s beers once more. Continue reading “Maduro Brown Ale (Cigar City)”

Imperial Stout (Lost Coast)

The tendency throughout craft brewers in the United States has been to move to incredibly sweet, “bakery”-style imperial stouts. To experience a stout that has a sharp, bitter element to it is much less common than its used to be. We were lucky enough to receive a bottle of Lost Coast’s Imperial Stout a few weeks back and had a moment to crack it.

The beer pours with a dark brown coloration and only the smallest amount of tannish head. Lost Coast’s Imperial Stout has an initial nose that yields hints of coffee, chocolate, and roasted nuts. When one is able to take their first sip of the brew, they will be introduced to a goodly amount of dark fruits, toasted male, and enough of the way of bitterness contributed by the hops to refresh one’s palette afterwards. With the bomber (22 ounce) we received, we were astonished at how consist this Imperial Stout stayed. Each element remained in focus throughout the beer rather than shifting into a more muddied format. Furthermore, Lost Coast’s Imperial Stout started to gain a bit of an additional chorus of flavors along the way. Along with rich cacao and brown sugar elements, bits of caramel and even a smaller amount of acidity peeked their way through before this bottle was finished. This imperial stout would be matched well with rich-flavored cuisine (e.g. Indian, Thai) or alongside assertive cheeses or salty fare. Lost Coast shows that they can go back to a traditional style and make things tremendously interesting and tasty.

For additional information concerning the brewery, their year-round and seasonal brews, or anything in the way of  new product announcements, give their main domain and social media profiles a spin. We covered Lost Coast’s double IPA, Fogcutter, late in 2017.

Rating: 9.0/10

Imperial Stout Reserve / 10% ABV / http://www.lostcoast.com/https://twitter.com/lostcoastbrewer


Blonde Porter (Perrin Brewing)

We were fortunate enough to receive a trio of cans from Michigan’s Perrin Brwing a few weeks back. One of their brews – their N.E.-inspired IPA, Peach Bellini, will be covered shortly. This time out, we had a chance to crack in to their draft-only Blonde Porter. The brew pours with a small amount of head and a yellow to gold coloration. This porter’s initial nose is sweet up front with a bit of grain and malt following shortly after. One’s first sip of Perrin’s Blonde Porter will yield hints of dark fruits, brown sugar, vanilla, and mocha. Hints of bread and wheat come out after with just a hint of bitter elements to refresh one’s palette as they move on to subsequent sips of the stuff. Continue reading “Blonde Porter (Perrin Brewing)”

Stoutella | Knee Deep Brewing Company

Stoutella is Knee Deep Brewing Company’s (Auburn, CA) chocolate hazelnut milk stout.  The beer pours with a dark brown coloration and a fairly small head that dissipates fairly quickly. The presence of the hazelnuts in Stoutella calms down the tendency of milk stouts to be on the sweeter side of things through the presence of a fair amount of bitterness. There is a diverse set of flavors that are presented throughout one’s experience with a can or bottle of Stoutella.

Continue reading “Stoutella | Knee Deep Brewing Company”

Gran Sport Porter (COOP Ale Works)

It’s al;ways exciting to get something for review from a brewery that is new to you. It’s doubly exciting when they are fairly close to you (the brewery is located in Oklahoma City). COOP Ale Works’ Gran Sport Porter pours with a dark, rich brown coloration and a small amount of off-white head. The beer’s initial nose is a bit nutty, with bits of toasted male poking through. The full mouthfeel of one’s initial sip of Gran Sport further amplifies these notes, while adding more nuanced flavors including brown sugar and a bit of hop bitterness to the mix. This brew is able to stave off the winter chill as well as pair nicely with a wide variety of strongly-flavored fare.  Continue reading “Gran Sport Porter (COOP Ale Works)”

Call to Arms Brewing Company Introduces Majestic Wolf Lamp

Call to Arms Brewing Company will tap and release Majestic Wolf Lamp, an oak-aged blended Belgian sour with blackcurrants on Thursday, February 1st starting at 3:00 p.m. in their taproom (4526 Tennyson St, Denver, Colorado 80212). This is the brewery’s most exciting barrel-aged beer to date.
Continue reading “Call to Arms Brewing Company Introduces Majestic Wolf Lamp”

PCT Porter (Crux Fermentation)

Crux Fermentation’s PCT Porter pours with a dark brown coloration and a small amount of tannish head. There is a bit of toasted malt that is present in the initial bouquet. Crux has amped up the bitterness of the traditional porter style, avoiding much of the cloying sweetness that is present with traditional efforts in the style. The strong coffee and nut elements that permeate PCT Porter make for a very refreshing experience. Continue reading “PCT Porter (Crux Fermentation)”