Fogcutter Double IPA (Lost Coast Brewery)

Fogcutter is Lost Coast’s Double IPA, pouring with a dark yellow to brownish coloration. There is a fair amount of whitish head that leaves lacing as one continues to drink a glass. There is a sharp, piney initial flavor that opens up gradually. A hint of sweetness works with more floral and fruit elements, making for a double IPA that hits the hoppy and fruity sides of the style. While this is a 8.7% ABV, Lost Coast has ensured their Fogcutter goes down easily. There is a hint of an alcohol bite that peeks through at points, but it works well with the numerous other voices present in the beer. Continue reading “Fogcutter Double IPA (Lost Coast Brewery)”

S’Muttonator (Double Bock)

S’Muttonator is the first offering from the Heritage Beers line from Smuttynose; this new program will bring back some of the classic beers that the brewery has crafted in the earlier days. S’Muttonator is a double bock pegged at the 9.2% ABV mark, which is hidden masterfully in the brew. The beer pours with a brown to dark brown coloration and a good amount of off-white / beige head. The initial sip deftly blends together the sweet with a hot snap; afterwards, hints of brown sugar, toffee, and toasted malts can all be discerned.

The specific constellation of flavors that one will pick up at any specific sip of S’Muttonator is up to chance; there is a dense array of notes that ebb and flow. There is a bit more of the brown sugar element and wheat that becomes evident as the beer is allowed to reach to room temperature. Before one completes the bottle, dates, honey, and cloves can be picked out. It is this complexity that will be appreciated over the course of a 4-pack, with S’Muttonator have complexity to keep one as eager to drain the last bottle as they were when they opened up the first.

For more information about the entirety of the efforts that Smuttynose provides visit their website;  their social networking service profiles (Facebook and Twitter) are great repositories for new product availability and events that are related to their brewery. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve covered a number of Smuttynose brews. Check out our coverage of The Stallion,  Smistletoe,  Smoked Peach Short Weisse,  Imperial StoutHayseedRhye IPAParadoXReally Old Dog,DurtyKindest FindOktoberfest,  Bouncy House and Cherry Short Weisse.

Rating 8.8/10

S’muttonator (Double Bock) / Smuttynose Brewing / 9.2% ABV / /  / /


Peach Bum IPA (Indeed Brewing)

Indeed has released a seasonal for the summer months in their Peach Bum IPA. The beer pours with a brownish-orange coloration and a small amount of off-white head. I feel that the inclusion of peaches into the mix does well to push the beer towards the New England style of IPAs, while the brewery includes enough of the way of a traditional hop bite to make Peach Bum a great sort of shower or lawnmower beer. Throughout each can, one will find hints of the titular peach, apricots, citrus, and both floral and hoppy elements. It is this depth to Peach Bum IPA that ensures one will keep interested throughout. Despite having a lower ABV, Peach Bum is able to keep the overall constellation of flavors present from its initial sip to the final quaff.  Continue reading “Peach Bum IPA (Indeed Brewing)”

Wake-N-Bake (Terrapin Brewing)

2016 marked the first time Georgia’s own Terrapin Brewing placed their imperial oatmeal stout Wake-N-Bake into cans, and was one of the first times that we in Ohio were easily able to get their products.  The Wake-N-Bake is a delectable beer with a strong coffee flavor, due to the contributions from Jittery Joe’s Coffee. Continue reading “Wake-N-Bake (Terrapin Brewing)”

Red Velvet – Nitro (Ballast Point)

Ballast Point has changed up what imbibers should expect from the stout format. With their Red Velvet – Nitro, the beer pours with a red coloration, only a small amount of off-white head. There is a good amount of sweetness that is paralleled well with a hint of bitterness. The “golden stout” style tends to go more into the sweet side of things, but Ballast Point has done well to remove this tendency with the bit of hop bitters. The sweet / bitter dichotomy that is present with Red Velvet means that the beer remains fresh, no matter where one may be at with their session. For those looking for the inky blackness of the deepest, darkest stouts,l they will not be able to find it in Red Velvet. The more nuanced flavor of the golden version of a stout means that even those that are fans of pilseners and lagers will find something that they can appreciate with this Ballast Point offering.  Continue reading “Red Velvet – Nitro (Ballast Point)”

Marshal Zhukov’s Penultimate Push (Cigar City Brewing)

This imperial Stout is a masterfully balanced blend of dark chocolate, tobacco, figs and leather. There is a dark brown to nearly blackish coloration for this beer with a small amount of tan head that pours on the top of a glass. Marshal Zhukov’s Penultimate Push invites individuals in with a sweet nose and an initial sip will yield hints of coffee and caramel. Cigar City has hidden the alcohol bite well here, ensuring that this brew flows like water. There is a certain depth to Marshal Zhukov’s Penultimate Push that will yield a number of twists and turns as the brew continues to warm to room temperature. I believe that the inclusion of coffee and vanilla to this beer adds considerable depth to an already complex offering. Continue reading “Marshal Zhukov’s Penultimate Push (Cigar City Brewing)”

Ipapaya (Full Sail Brewing)

There has been a shift over the course of the last few years regarding the flavor profile that is most desired when it comes to an India Pale Ale. In the late nineties and into the oughts, the dominant flavors one could taste included piney and citrus elements, with enough in the way of bitter to act as a refresher. In the course of the last few years, breweries have increasingly amped up the “juicy” side of the style. While a number of beer writers have hammered home the idea of a Northeast-style IPA as amenable, I feel that Full Sail’s latest effort, Ipapaya, is able to keep up with the juicy side of things while still having enough bitter to make for a dense and delectable experience each time someone cracks open a bottle.

The beer pours with a light yellow coloration and a fair amount of off-white head; there is a bit of lacing in this beer. One is immediately hit with the sweeter elements of the papaya the first time that they take a sip. The overall mouth feel changes over the course of this initial pull; bits of hay and straw act as an intermediary before the more assertive side of the hops come out. I like how consistent the flavor profile of Ipapaya is; where some of the sharpness of an IPA disappears when it warms, Full Sail’s brew is able to keep its overall flavor profile in focus from the beginning to the end of each beer.

Over the last few years, we have reviewed a number of Full Sail’s offerings including their ESB, Session Cream Ale, Bock, IPA, Wassail and Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. For more information about the year-round, seasonal, and special offerings that Full Sail releases, check out their website and social media profiles.


Ipapaya (Full Sail Brewing) / 6.2% ABV / 58 ABV / Seasonal / / /

Without ReGarde (Dry Hopped Sour Ale)

Without ReGarde was Good Nature’s 4th Anniversary Ale, and is a brew that is as large and magnificent as the celebration indicates. The beer pours with a orange-brown coloration and a small amount of light brown head that laces down the glass. One is immediately presented with a good amount of bitterness owing to the hop presence; the brewery uses a bit over two pounds of hops during the dry hopping process that gives Without ReGarde its sharpness. Good Nature is able to jazz up this Biere de Garde with a bit of Lactobacillus through a kettle souring process. Continue reading “Without ReGarde (Dry Hopped Sour Ale)”

Festa Imperiale Oatmeal Stout (Second Chance)

Second Chance from San Diego has just reached their first anniversary, and in celebration of that day they have released Festa Imperiale, a bourbon barrel-aged oatmeal Stout that is pegged at 9%. The beer itself pours with a dark brown coloration and a fair amount of tannish head. There are good amounts of brown sugar and vanilla that immediately present themselves in Festa Imperiale while the time that the beer spends in bourbon barrels moderates a decent amount all the alcohol burn that is typically presents in brews like these. There is substantial cohesion in Festa Imperiale meaning that as the beer continues to reach room temperature, the strength of the flavors initially present grow and become more dense. The beer itself would do well when paired with strongly flavored cuisine including Indian and Asian Fare. Continue reading “Festa Imperiale Oatmeal Stout (Second Chance)”

Night Jump Imperial Stout (Aviator Brewing)

It seems like the period beginning from October to February / March is the peak time for imperial stouts. North Carolina’s Aviator Brewing has created their Night Jump, an Imperial Stout that has been aged in Smooth Ambler barrels along with cocoa nibs; each of the flavors experienced with it is bold, brash and dense. The beer pours with a nearly black color and a bit of tannish head. Bits of malts, dark chocolate and whiskey burn can all be discerned from one first sip. Continue reading “Night Jump Imperial Stout (Aviator Brewing)”