Battershell – Beautiful Princess of Spit [ADB]

Battershell – Beautiful Princess of Spit

This is a 4 song EP on NG records from 1995. I picked this up for $2 in a local pawn shop, on the clearance rack. I swear those guys are morons sometimes. This is Nice Grrly Punk that draws parellels to (Old) Hole, Veruca Salt, Elastica, and the Breeders. This sounds very professionial. This has typicial temp changes, making them sound like a mid-90s “Alternative” girl band. The best things about this cd are the lyrics and the way Tammy (the lead) sings. All around good, albeit short, album.


Bald Rapunzel – S/T [ADB]

Bald Rapunzel – S/T

this is a 5 song EP that was out on Resin Records from 1997. They can be reached at Bald Rapunzel, PO Box 297, College Park, MD 20741-0297. They are a 4 piece band with female vocals. The band is half male and half female, and they make an awesome sounding band. Their is also really talented guitar playing on this. The females voice has hints of Natalie Merchant, Melissa Etheridge and Deborah Harry in it. She is very talented, and and I whole heartedly recommend this album. Bald Rapunzel can best be classified as independent rock. All of the normal rock instruments are played in such a way that it turns into a musical journey that is perfect to zone out to. All of Bald Rapunzel’s songs are slower placed, but they speed up in the middle of the song. This is music that is of such caliber that it could be played on the Wedge, which is the best major show on Muchmusic. “Tribute to Nova Scotia” is an entirely instrumental song, and it is the 4th song on the tape. It is a very well composed song. BR are an all around good band, and the last song “Trespasser” is an angry song. My favorite song is the first one “3 weeks”

Avail – 4 AM [ADB]

Avail – 4 AM

This was released in 1996, and is on Lookout Records #128. This Is a chameleon band, with roots in Indy, Pop Punk, Metal, Rock and Hardcore.The songs are tightly written and played which gives this album a much more cohesive sound. Their are some really stupid parts to this album, like a minute long part of a guy singing acapella, which leads into a decent song (which has too many screeching guitar solos)Monroe Park. This album is pretty short, which follows the Pop Punk formula. They have a song that seems to be written for the radio, which light guitars and unthreatening singing (Armchair). Some of these songs nearly fall into mediocre Pop Punk song land (Fix). “Blue Ridge” is on the verge of being a death metal song, which screaming vocals, and a background that is “eerie”. They cover “Swing low Sweet Chariot” which leads into “FCA”, which sounds like Suicidal Tendencies meets Rancid. “Hang” is a horrible Bad Religion knock off song, and I am ashamed that I had to hear it.


Autopsy – Severed Survival / Retribution for the Dead [ADB]

Autopsy – Severed Survival / Retribution for the Dead

This tape was released in 1989, and re-released in 1993 by Noise Records, and the album has 14 songs. The tape was actually two albums fit together so that they are now on one tape. This band sounds like an amalgamation of Slayer and Cannibal Corpse. This has pretty good guitars, with above average solos. The drummer is also good, but not the best. The bass is not clearly heard, and the vocals are just growling. This music is typical for re-released albums by Noise Records, being Death/Thrash metal from the late 1980`s.


Assmen – Enema Nation [ADB]

Assmen – Enema Nation

11 songs released in 99 on dirty records. the lyrics are vile, and that is why the album is so awesome. you can hear the bass on the album, but they really kickass in the lyrics and guitar section. This album is all about sex, beer, and it is an awesome un-pc album. The Assmen cover “Happy together” and their version is a lot better then the original. Hehehe, there is a song about blowjobs on this disc (Hot pearl necklace) The pontential for moshing at an Assmen show is great , because this is good moshing music. An awesome punk band that has talent that they exploit to kick some royal ass. The are good enough to be signed by a major label. This really blows out nice guy pop punk. You can reach dirty records at or the assmen at or The Assmen, 2914 Ash St, Erie PA, 16504. They also have an excellent song about misplaced nuts. All of the album is awesome


Another Nothing – New Breed [ADB]

Another Nothing-New Breed

This an 8 song full length put out on Chord records, an indie label that is in Philly. They can be emailed at . This album begins out as a screaming new hardcore song with the unoriginal title of #&@? Jam, then goes into Transpose, which has the same style of guitars but adds choruses in which they sing normally. “Still the Same” has hardcore pseudo tribal drumming at the beginning, and results in screaming. Compassionless has at the beginning Bauhaus meets Alice in Chains vocals, then goes in the typical hardcore/metal screaming. Facade has drums at the beginning that sound likes Megadeth’s “Trust”, and has a spoken word/drum thing going in the middle and Metal/HC/Punk screaming with a catchy chorus. Bleed Your Sanity is typical popcore and Noisegate is a fake brooding, ethereal song.

Rating 7/10

Agnostic Front-Raw Unleashed [ADB]

Agnostic Front-Raw Unleashed

62 songs on Grand Theft Auto in 1995. All of the songs in their unfinished format. Really short songs (under one minute) in a pre mix down format. The songs are very powerful, with excellent political lyrics. Unfortunately, the guitar lines usually are the same distorted power chords, and the guy sings the same way on most of the songs. They sound like MOD, SOD, and Exodus with fast guitar lines and slower, almost death metalish vocals, with a hint of Brit Punk mixed in. The bass lines are used very masterfully, and are used semi-often as an opening for a song. The cover the Animals (Its my life) and The Cockney Rejects (Skins come marching in/We can do anything). Agnostic Front was one of the first NYHC bands, and they should be checked out. This disc would be very good to start out with.


The Adults – Action Street [ADB]

The Adults- Action Street

I did not like this album much. Its an album with minimal guitars, and when they do have guitars, its still just a guy half singing half speaking. The Adults half sound like Primus and half like Mr. Tornado Head, taking the worst elements from each. This is boring college-style rock and thats all i have to say.

This album gets a 4.5/10

Adam West-13 De Luxe [ADB]

Adam West-13 De Luxe

This is 1999 Fandango, with 13 songs . Fandango records is the label the Adam West was on, which they created themselves. The music is Rock, with definite Misfits influences (They have covered Misfits songs on 7 inch.). The songs have a chunky, old sounding guitar riffs. AW is really hard to describe expect for sounding like Misfits meets Monster Magnet. Song 13 is the longest song on the cd ,being a 13:13 long song. They also have a hint of the small intelligence part of DRI/MOD sound. The other big influences of AW is Danzig, with the song “Charm”. The manage to sound a little like all Glenn Danzig related projects- Danzig, Samhain, and the Misfits.


Acumen-Territory=Universe [ADB]


This band gives me a headache. I usually like most bands, as evidenced by my album reveiws, but this is pointless repetitive shit. I heard of this band from the techtronik people at school, and picked the cd up for that reason. Dont ever believe any good albums picked by your friends, because usually they will disappoint you. This band sounds most like the vocals of Rob Zombie + Rammstein and the music of Trent Reznor. Considering i like about 2 songs from each person, that is not a good thing. This music is guitar driven industrial, and all the songs sound the same. The only good part about the album is the instrumental beginging parts of the songs.

This album gets a 3.5/10