Owen Hits The Road Again. Begins Work On New Album.

It has been a busy year for Owen (aka Mike Kinsella). He has already toured the US, Japan and Europe and will now head out again stateside this fall. This time around he will play dates around the Midwest and East Coast with Kevin Devine. Continue reading “Owen Hits The Road Again. Begins Work On New Album.”

The Vandals – Live At the House of Blues (The Show Must Go Off Volume 9)

The Vandals – Live At the House of Blues (The Show Must Go Off Volume 9) / 2004 Kung Fu Records / 22 Tracks / http://www.vandals.com / http://www.kungfurecords.com / 

I only have been able to review The Vandals’ last album and see a few of their videos on the Kung Fu compilation before throwing myself into an hour of Vandals music, so I had a vague idea of what I should expect from the band. Kung Fu really knows how to jam-pack a DVD with extras, this coming with a CD of all the songs played, as well as a video for their “43210-1”, a camera angel just for Josh Freese, their virtuosic drummer, as well as subtitles for the songs. The quality of the video on this disc is easily that of broadcast cable, and the sound in-song has one of the best captures, in the sense that they are able to cut down so much on the crowd noise. Something that really shines through even more than their studio albums would show is the Vandals’ extreme sense of humor and camaraderie – while it is prevalent on the albums themselves, just seeing the interaction between all of the members of the band really show that these individuals love playing music with each other. Continue reading “The Vandals – Live At the House of Blues (The Show Must Go Off Volume 9)”

The Glass Announce U.S Tour, “Couples Therapy” EP Release Party October 4th With Simian Mobile Disco DJ Set

Spinner.com – “Live Indietronica production outfit the Glass has been keeping electronic music interesting in NYC” http://www.spinner.com/2007/02/08/the-glass-dj-set-mp3/

The Tripwire – ”Club bangers that will undoubtedly have the kids’ asses shaking like they were on fire. If you’re into LCD Soundsystem, Justice, !!!, The Rapture, etc. etc. you’ll love these guys too”
http://www.thetripwire.com/news/2007/2/2/download-the-glass-come-alive Continue reading “The Glass Announce U.S Tour, “Couples Therapy” EP Release Party October 4th With Simian Mobile Disco DJ Set”

Canvas Solaris – Cortical Tectonics

Canvas Solaris – Cortical Tectonics / 2007 Sensory / 6 Tracks / http://www.canvassolaris.com / http://www.lasersedgegroup.com /

Despite the fact that “Berserker Hypothesis” is a mere four minutes long, the harder progressive metal played by Canvas Solaris here bends and breaks an individual’s sense of time, with the band’s detailed arrangements being what stretches the perceived runtime of the track to a time much longer than reality. “Sinusoid Mirage” follows up “Berserker Hypothesis”, and it shows (At least at the beginning), a calmer, quieter Canvas Solaris. The same type of energy is present with each effort of the band; one can just hear that the band wants to jump into the heavy stuff, but they hold themselves back and show off their calmer side for the vast majority of ‘Sinusoid Mirage”. Continue reading “Canvas Solaris – Cortical Tectonics”

Hellyeah announces Fall/Winter Headline Tour Dates

HELLYEAH’s headline BALLS VOLUME STRENGTH tour will kick off Thursday, October 24 at the Sunrise Theater in Albuquerque before traveling on Saturday, October 27, 2007 to Tampa, Florida at that city’s annual “Guavaween” concert. The tour will forge on to Fayetville, NC on October 28, Detroit on “Hell Night,” (October 30), Indianapolis on Halloween night, Grand Rapids on November 2, Minneapolis on November 3 and House of Blues, Chicago, on Sunday, November 4. The tour will continue through mid-December with new dates being added daily. Continue reading “Hellyeah announces Fall/Winter Headline Tour Dates”

Tupac Vs. Biggie : The Legacy Continues

Tupac Vs. Biggie : The Legacy Continues / 2006 MVD / 120 Minutes / http://www.mvdb2b.com /

The DVDs that Chrome Dreams come out with are typically solid, and this re-interpretation of the Tupac Vs. Biggie tragedy is no different. They have gathered so much in the way of information that this requires two full hours of storytelling. Not happy with just providing the documentary, a number of extra bits and pieces are added to this set. This includes extra photographs, discographies of both rappers, quizzes about each rapper, and more. Furthermore, this documentary provides exhaustive interviews with friends, family ,and other individuals associated with the two rappers. Continue reading “Tupac Vs. Biggie : The Legacy Continues”

Brittney Elizabeth Debuts with “Breathe In”

Like a sweet breath of fresh air, Brittney Elizabeth arrives on the pop rock music scene with her debut release, Breathe In, slated for national release on Desert Sunrise Records November 27th, and distributed nationally by CBUJ. These tender tales of heartache and bittersweet reminiscence sung with a vocal maturity well beyond her 20 years make for an impressive debut from a promising young talent. Brittney’s melodious voice and graceful beauty are sure to secure her a top-spot in the industry limelight, but it’s the genuine honesty and broad accessibility of her lyrics that will insure her staying power. Continue reading “Brittney Elizabeth Debuts with “Breathe In””

Delft – The Brain Is Wider Than The Sky

Delft – The Brain Is Wider Than The Sky / 2007 Self / 5 Tracks / http://www.purevolume.com/delft /

“Declare Your Love To The Person On the Right” is the first track on “The Brain Iss Wider Than The Sky”, and it immediately defies categorization. The band is able to go forth and create a rock style that draws influences from Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, and even Interpol in the ultimate construction of something that is unique while still having a familiar sound. The band is able during “Declare Your Love” to have the first seventy five seconds be purely instrumental; this actually benefits the act, and when the vocals kick in in a very instrumental way (more based on the harmonies than conveying information), the progression feels much more natural than anything. Continue reading “Delft – The Brain Is Wider Than The Sky”

Tim Williams Releases “When Work Is Done” on 10/2

Tim Williams will usher in the arrival of his Americana-laced indie pop gem, WHEN WORK IS DONE (Dovecote Records), with a show day of release, October 2, at New York City’s Cake Shop. The Brooklynite’s folky tunes are currently striking a chord with audiences up and down the East Coast while an intimate tour with Geert Van Der Velde of The Black Atlantic [formerly of Shai Hulud] is in the works for November. Williams will make a stop at indie rock pantheon Daytrotter studios mid-tour to record a session October 10. Continue reading “Tim Williams Releases “When Work Is Done” on 10/2″

TV Party: Premier Episode, December 18, 1978

TV Party: Premier Episode, December 18, 1978 / 2006 MVD / 91 Minutes / http://www.mvdb2b.com /

This DVD should really be packaged with the TV Party documentary. I mean, it makes sense since both are dealing with the same topic. The first-hand footage on the documentary would be bolstered by the full episode contained here, while the documentary would give this premier episode a context that it does not have just separate. I’m not saying that both features should be contained in the same DVD, but a boxed set would be a good starting point for individuals that may not be that familiar with the show. This is the full video from the original episode, and the footage is very sharp for something that is over twenty-five years old. Perhaps most enjoyable out of all the footage from the episode is the musical number, called “Skylab”. Continue reading “TV Party: Premier Episode, December 18, 1978”