Jimmy Eat World – “Big Casino”

Jimmy Eat World – “Big Casino” / 2007 Interscope / 1 Track / http://www.jimmyeatworld.com /

Jimmy Eat World has been a band that has impressed me (“Lucky Denver Mint”) and disappointed me in the past (changing “Bleed American”’s title). However, it has been a number of years since either of those events happened, so it seems like good policy to give the band another chance. There hopeful vocals that are present during the opening of “Big Casino” link themselves to a track that is not as rooted in the emo style as Jimmy Eat World once was. There seems to be a New Romantic type of synthesizer that drives the track the most; while the band does not go into a dance-punk style (like a Franz Ferdinand), one cannot deny that it sounds like Jimmy Eat World has boned up on their New Order albums since they last put out music for the masses. The track has energy, but it is muted to the degree that I believe that it will take a few listeners before individuals are truly behind the band again. I would really like to hear more tracks from “Chase This Light” before I can feel right about giving encompassing statements about Jimmy Eat World’s new approach to music. Give this track a few spins and see if “Chase This Light” may be worth a purchase.

Rating: 6.2/10

David Bowie – Serious Moonlight

David Bowie – Serious Moonlight / 2006 Virgin / 166 Minutes / http://www.davidbowie.com / http://www.virgin.com / Reviewed 23 April 2006

This may just be the period of David Bowie’s career where the least amount of individuals can say that they are familiar with the act. This is beyond the time of Ziggy Stardust but before the era in which Marilyn Manson and The Wallflowers made “Golden Years” and “Heroes” make into hits (both tracks are present here in their original form). Aside from those tracks, the number of big hits on the DVD is few; “China Girl”, “Young Americans”, “Space Oddity” and “Fame” are perhaps the next biggest song to hit listeners during “Serious Moonlight”. Continue reading “David Bowie – Serious Moonlight”

Fujiya & Miyagi Headline US Fall Tour with Dirty on Purpose & Project Jenny/Project Jan

“Collarbone” Featured Mash Up With Dr. Dre on The Hood Internet http://www.thehoodinternet.com/2007/09/dr-dre-vs-fujiya-and-miyagi.html

“Ankle Injuries” Video Link : http://deafdumbandblind.imeem.com/video/Vk4B_6sv/fujiya_miyagi_ankle_injuries/ Continue reading “Fujiya & Miyagi Headline US Fall Tour with Dirty on Purpose & Project Jenny/Project Jan”

Roky Erickson Plays Bumbershoot, LA, SF, and Soundtrack To DVD Out 09/18

Mon Sep 03 — Bumbershoot Festival — Seattle, WA
Thu Sep 06 — MusicFest NW — Portland, OR
Sun Oct 28 — El Rey — Los Angeles, CA
Tue Oct 30 — The Great American Music Hall — San Francisco, CA
Wed Oct 31 — The Great American Music Hall — San Francisco, CA

Don’t miss your chance to see this fascinating legend first-hand!! Continue reading “Roky Erickson Plays Bumbershoot, LA, SF, and Soundtrack To DVD Out 09/18”

The GoStation – Passion Before Function

The GoStation – Passion Before Function / 2007 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.thegostation.com /

The GoStation sure love their Oasis, don’t they? Whether it is the opening strains of ”All Together Now” or the ending riffs of “When I’m Gone”, the band has a lot of debts to pay the Gallagher brothers. I can understand why the band would want to do that; Oasis was a band that pushed Beatles-like numbers. When it comes to trying to create something new and vibrant, however, “Passion Before Function” is an album that is a little lacking. During “All Together Now”, The GoStation suffers in that they rely on strung-out sound that is present during the track that seems much more fitting for something coming out of 1995 rather than 2007.

However, the driving guitar and drum dynamic saves the track from being a complete wash, and allows listeners to move easily to “Twin Six”. “Twin Six” is a track that continues with the lighter sound first put forth by “Hour 1”, and while it has a high amount of cohesion with tracks that immediately follow and precede it, it does not provide listeners with anything substantially new. The band’s biggest problem during “Passion Before Function” has to be that each of the disc’s 10 tracks show a band that cannot put forth a song that will garner them popular attention. Continue reading “The GoStation – Passion Before Function”

Bear Hands – Golden EP

Bear Hands – Golden EP / 2007 Freedom in Exile / 4 Tracks / http://www.bearhandsband.com /

Bear Hands start out their “Golden EP” with their own interpretation of indie rock. This means that there are hints of the energetic alt-country punk of a Lucero, the prim and proper alt-rock of Weezer, and even a little hit of the fuzz and meandering arrangements that brought Jane’s Addiction to prominence all those years ago. “”Long Lean Queen” thus comes forth with styles and sounds that will get individuals interested, but what distinguishes Bear Hands from other similar-sounding acts is the fact that they are able to put their own stamp on every second of the “Golden EP”. Continue reading “Bear Hands – Golden EP”

Equal Vision signs Taking Back Sunday side project The Color Fred

Independent rock label Equal Vision Records has signed Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday’s side project, The Color Fred, and will release his first studio album, Bend To Break, on October 30th. Continue reading “Equal Vision signs Taking Back Sunday side project The Color Fred”

James Blunt – Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions

James Blunt – Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions / 2006 Atlantic / 70 Minutes / http://www.jamesblunt.com / http://www.atlanticrecords.com / Reviewed 17 August 2006

Everyone knows who James Blunt is. This is due to the fact that eir song “You’re Beautiful” has been used in a number of commercials and been shown countless time on VH1 and other stations of that ilk. There are a number of reasons why individuals should pick up this DVD if they are fans of Blunt. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that they pick up this DVD if they are not already a fan, but for those people that picked up eir latest album, there are a few things that can only be found here. Continue reading “James Blunt – Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions”