Thirteenthstory #2

Thirteenthstory #2 / $1PPD / 16S / :15 / /

This issue is incredibly small and short, and yet I got more out of it than I do with practically any other zine on the market. This issue of Thirteenthstory discusses skywriting/skytyping, reviews Inktense Pencils, and has a minor report on Hokusai, a famous Japanese painted. Perhaps most interesting to me had to be the revealing of an eBay-like site for handmade crafts called . Couple that with the existence of ACEOs (small pieces of art), and Jaye has a solid zine snapped up in just a few pages. The layout of this zine breaks up the pieces nicely as well, with simplistic backgrounds providing high amounts of contrast for ease of reading. There are pages in the middle that act as a quick break between the written pieces and articles, operating as a cool-off period before Jaye moves into the second half of this issue of Thirteenstory. I know that this is only the second issue of Thirteenthstory, but I really feel that this is a benefit for anyone that is either deep into the art scene or is a casual observer (like me). The product that ey reviews may be something I would never see in stores, but it is interesting to hear about it and makes me wish that I actually had some artistic skill. The zine may be small, but with nothing in the way of ads, packs quite a wallop. My only advice to Jaye would be to add some pages to the next issue; otherwise, keep on fighting!

Rating: 9.5/10

Good Intentions

Good Intentions / $1.50 / 36M / :15 / /

I do not get much in the way of comic zines to review. The quality of those comic zines that we do receive varies considerably, however. Luckily for me, “Good Intentions” is on the strong end of that pole. “Good Intentions” is a self-contained story about a shooting star that tries to change the bureaucracy that holds back many of humanity’s wishes from coming true. Ultimately, the lack of change (and mounting problems) become so serious that Beta Ursus 9 (the plot’s protagonist) quits eir job. Things ultimately turn out for the better (or at least go back to the way they were at the beginning of the story), but Beta Ursus 9 moves on. The style of art in this comic zine is very simplistic, rarely moving beyond a stick figure type of style. However, the drawings are very iconic, and it becomes very easy for individuals to understand what is going on during the story. The story itself has a nice length to it, and all loose ends are wrapped up by the end of this issue. Individuals will easily be able to read this comic multiple times, and one can only hope that the email listed is still valid (or that the author can email us a current one). This is a solid comic zine, and I really would not mind purchasing other issues of eir work.

Rating: 6.7/10

The Last Goodnight Webisodes, Album Information

The Last Goodnight bring you music with a universal appeal: It’s rhythmic, soulful, & honest all in one. The debut album from The Last Goodnight, Poison Kiss, is all this and more. Through these webisodes learn about Kurtis’ childhood with his blind father who brought music into his life at an early age, the way The Last Goodnight was formed, the evolution of individual songs, and the two sides to Poison Kiss. Continue reading “The Last Goodnight Webisodes, Album Information”

Mikadams Interview

Mikadams Interview (JMcQ)

1)Who are the members of the band and what do they play?

Well, there’s my solo stuff.. i only have a few tapes out, thats just me playing guitars, samplers, tape decks, toys. I usually multitrack myself using CoolEdit pro, or an old four track..Then there’s “Turkey Makes Me Sleepy”, which is me, Charles R. Goff III, and Eric Matchett. I mostly play guitar in “Turkey”, but actually anything goes. We have guitars,synths, casiotones, lots of records and tapes, lots and lots of toys, Charlie has some homemade wind instruments, sometimes a saxaphone of trumpet or trombone gets picked up, handdrums, We’re mostly improvosational, so its an anything goes kind of thing. Continue reading “Mikadams Interview”

All Time Low Release “So Wrong It’s Right” 9/25

After a year of winning over critics and fans alike with their breakout Put Up Or Shut Up EP, as well as their over-the-top, energy-filled live shows (including stellar performances on the Vans Warped Tour and Bamboozle), Baltimore four-piece All Time Low (singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson) will release their debut full-length, So Wrong It’s Right on September 25th via Hopeless Records. Continue reading “All Time Low Release “So Wrong It’s Right” 9/25″

Golden City Releases Free “1” EP On Myspace



New band fronted by Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive, Antarctica, The 101)

Already confirmed for appearances at DenverFest III and CMJ 2007 Continue reading “Golden City Releases Free “1” EP On Myspace”

Slug #222

Slug #222 / Free / 68M / /

I hate reviewing zines out of order, but I try to review everything that I receive and I just happened to find this issue of Slug sitting around the apartment. Much of this is what one should expect from slug (e.g. a number of different advertisements and articles about Salt Lake City / Utah bands and stores). However, there are some pieces that deserve further coverage. The first of these pieces would have to be “Roller Derby”, which showcases the resurgence of female roller derby leagues in the state of Utah./ While the piece does not really give as much time as perhaps it should about the history of the sport, showcasing the individuals that are present in the sport currently is a nice first step to garnering publicity. The European tour journal written by Uzi and Ari (don’t worry, I was not familiar with them either) showcases the similarities and slight differences that are present between American and European ravel, all while interjecting humor into an interesting narrative. Even though I do not skate, the “skate product review” (done by Adam Dorobiala) is an interesting discussion of some of the newest goods available for those individuals that call themselves skaters. The reviews are as always detailed and terse, and individuals should feel that they have spent their hour or two well reading this latest issue of Slug.

Rating: 6.0/10

Horse The Band #2 Most Added on Metal Radio

Los Angeles’ HORSE the Band are the #2 Most-Added Band on metal radio across the country, according to FMQB and CMJ’s Loud Rock charts! HORSE the Band was #2 on both charts, with 52 adds and 84 adds, respectively. HORSE is now featured on such stations as Sirius Satellite Radio, Music Choice, Detroit’s WRIF, Austin’s KROX,and Los Angeles’ KDLD. Continue reading “Horse The Band #2 Most Added on Metal Radio”

V/A – Reggae Gold 2007

V/A – Reggae Gold 2007 / 2007 VP Records / 15 Tracks / /

I do not get much in the way of reggae albums. Pretty much the last one that I really think we received was probably the last Shaggy album, and that has been a few years ago. It doesn’t mean that I do not like the style, but that we here at NeuFutur do not get much in the way of discs in that genre. The disc tarts out with some serious firepower. Sean Paul leads “Reggae Gold 2007” off and while the song (“Watch them Roll” is not a single yet, it still has as much vim and vigor as every other of eir tracks. Continue reading “V/A – Reggae Gold 2007”