Chip Raman – Edge of a Song

Chip Raman – Edge of a Song / 2007 Rosebud / /

It has been quite a while since a straight-forward chap with a guitar sounded this was. Individuals will hear a lot of the sixties (Neil Young, Bob Dylan) in Raman’s style. Obviously, Young or Dylan never said anything about opening up their Nokia, but the style of Raman is unmistakenly influenced by these two giants of rock. “The Post It Note” discusses a phone conversation between Raman and god, and this track only becomes more impressive when Raman modifies his vocals to achieve a higher register. Continue reading “Chip Raman – Edge of a Song”

Smoke Rings Blow All Around You As Dri Preps to Release Her Astounding, Seductive Debut

Range Life Records to release “Smoke Rings” November 6th, 2007.

“Adrianne Verhoeven” has spent her music career lending her vocal and keyboard chops to bands like The Anniversary, Art in Manila, and Fourth of July but “Dri” as Adrianne is known to her friends has spent her 20’s seeing the world, falling in and out of love, getting lost in the hazy days and buzzed nights of Lawrence, Kansas and dreaming all the while of stepping out and rocking the mic on her own. Continue reading “Smoke Rings Blow All Around You As Dri Preps to Release Her Astounding, Seductive Debut”

Bay Area Rapper Reigns Supreme Mistah F.A.B. Wins AllHipHop Battle in NYC

Bay Area rapper and Atlantic Recording artist, Mistah F.A.B. wowed a packed crowd at New York City night club SOB’s when he championed a freestyle battle, Tuesday night (9/18). Steve “Raze” Julien, EVP of Multimedia & Digital Content at invited F.A.B. to participate after seeing him perform at the 2007 Ozone Awards, “I saw him close down the Atlantic suite with the illest freestyle I had heard in a minute.” This event was one of several hosted by as part of their “AllHipHop Week” in New York City. Mistah F.A.B. was originally scheduled to battle New Jersey rapper Joe Budden, but due to a family emergency and other complications, Budden was unable to make it. Continue reading “Bay Area Rapper Reigns Supreme Mistah F.A.B. Wins AllHipHop Battle in NYC”

No Tag Backs Demo [ADB]

I got this tape at the punk rock show over at Jeff Kells house and boy am I happy that I got this tape. It is typical 3rd wave punk guitar chords (i.e Blink 182) and lyrics, but all together they make a really good and professional sounding tape, which is hard to do on a maxell tape.The guitars are very fast paced, and they compliment the vocals amazingly. This tape is really good, but it is too short. I hope to see a full length from these guys pretty soon. I missed them at the show, as i had to leave early, but i heard they were awesome.

2)why i care

Howard Zinn – Voices of a People’s History of the USA

Howard Zinn – Voices of a People’s History of the USA / 2006 MVD / 120 Minutes / / Reviewed 20 March 2006

At first glance, there is not much in the way of glitz or glamour on this DVD. However, each of the speakers on “Voices of a People’s History of the USA” are the masters of rhetoric, so that every line drives chills up a viewer’s spine. While the production valyues are not at the cutting edge, the director of the filming really does something impressive when ey diametrically opposes the discussions of each individual (be it Zinn or not) with a nearly-empty stage and then the full crowd listening intently in. Individuals might be familiar with “A People’s History of the United States”, but Zinn ups the ante further when ey discusses the formulation and the creation of what now is one of the key books to read to understand American history . Continue reading “Howard Zinn – Voices of a People’s History of the USA”

Dave Sasscer – Quiet Mind

Dave Sasscer – Quiet Mind / 2007 Self / 10 Tracks / /

Dave Sasscer is the lynchpin of the eponymous project that released “Quiet Mind” this year. Joining Sasscer are the Mojo Conga Jam, a group of talented musicians that have spent time in the supporting acts of the Indigo Girls, Shaun Mullins, Omar Hakim, and Hiram Bullock. The first track on “Quiet Mind” is “(When) She’s in Love With Me”, and shows Sasscer et al as individuals that appreciate nineties rock. Of course, the style of music that is present during “Love With Me” is something fresh and current, but one cannot deny the nineties influences – bands such as the Counting Crows and Chris Isaak – that give the overall sound further coloration. Continue reading “Dave Sasscer – Quiet Mind”

Emily Jane White Set, To Release Her Full-Length Debut, Dark Undercoat

SF singer/songerwriter receives raves from Rolling Stone and pens song for Cam Archer-directed film

Armed with little more than an acoustic guitar and her fragile alto, San Francisco folk singer/songwriter Emily Jane White offers complex tales of melancholy and isolation. While comparisons to contemporaries like Cat Power and Hope Sandoval are frequent, Emily’s music owes a clear debt to classic female jazz and blues singers such a Billie Holiday. The lead track “Bessie Smith” from her debut Dark Undercoat (out November 6th) is actually an homage to the influential legend. Continue reading “Emily Jane White Set, To Release Her Full-Length Debut, Dark Undercoat”


Wordplay / 2006 IFC Films / 85 Minutes / / / 

If individuals did not know that this film was documenting real life individuals discussing a real life thing (Will Shortz’s crossword puzzles), individuals would likely think that this is yet another mockumentary from an individual like Christopher Guest. The absurdity of this topic is definitely present, and while this film has more than its fair share of humor (individuals like Jon Stewart are present), there are some big names present as well. When I say big names, however, I am not talking about Tom Cruise but rather individuals like former President Bill Clinton and former Senator Robert Dole. For those individuals that really get into these crossword puzzles, the retail version of Wordplay also includes five puzzles made just for this edition. Continue reading “Wordplay”

Kanekoa’s “Under The Coconut Sky” Featured in ‘The Heartbreak Kid’

Kanekoa, the Hawaiian Rock Band from the North Shore, Maui, fronted by two ripping electric ukuleles will release their debut Major Hana Records album, “Under The Coconut Sky”, on November 6th, 2007. “Under The Coconut Sky” is distributed by Fontana/Universal and is available now, exclusively on iTunes. Continue reading “Kanekoa’s “Under The Coconut Sky” Featured in ‘The Heartbreak Kid’”