V/A – Reggae Showdown Vol 1

V/A – Reggae Showdown Vol 1 / 2006 MVD / 120 Minutes / http://www.mvdb2b.com / Reviewed 17 July 2006

This DVD needed to e released just for the simple fact that Dennis Brown’s life ended soon after this footage was taken. To not release this DVD would be an injustice to the memory of Brown and to all of the fans that ey gained since ey started out all those years ago. Brown may just be the most storied reggae artist of all time, as ey has charted over eighty number one hits; for those individuals that are not familiar with Brown (like I was before putting on this DVD), this is a good way to get introduced to Dennis Brown, eir life, and eir music. Continue reading “V/A – Reggae Showdown Vol 1”

Gibson Guitar Auctions Off Old Stock To Raise Money for Austin Charities

Gibson Guitar, the world’s premier musical instrument maker and leader in music technology, announced the date of the highly anticipated Austin GuitarTown Auction Gala and the release of the commemorative Austin GuitarTown. Continue reading “Gibson Guitar Auctions Off Old Stock To Raise Money for Austin Charities”

Tum Tum – Eat or Get Ate

Tum Tum – Eat or Get Ate / 2007 Universal / 18 Tracks / http://www.universalrepublic.com / http://www.ttownmusic.net /

One has to wonder why that a rapper named eirself after a character in the 3 Ninjas set of movies. This is the debut album by Tum Tum, and tracks here feature talents like Mannie Fresh, Trae, Jim Jones, and some up and coming rappers (Double T, Lil Ronnie, Don Dada, and Reyez). The first track is the title track, and it provides individuals with a confident and strong flow, even if there is not much in the way of a chorus hook to speak of. Continue reading “Tum Tum – Eat or Get Ate”

Gogol Bordello Played Live on Jimmy Kimmel 09/04, Tour

Los Angeles, CA – August 27, 2007 – Gogol Bordello announced today their North American fall tour that will begin October 7 in New Haven, CT. The band has been consistently capturing new audiences with their new album SUPER TARANTA! and selling out venues in major cities worldwide. Catch them now on the tail end of their West Coast run including a performance at Bumbershoot on September 1. Fans can also tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 4. Continue reading “Gogol Bordello Played Live on Jimmy Kimmel 09/04, Tour”

Death of A President

Death of A President / 2006 Newmarket / 93 Minutes / http://www.newmarketfilms.com / Reviewed 22 October 2006

If someone has not at least heard of this movie, their head has been in a hole for the last few months. Simply put, what director Gabriel Range does with this film is envision a world in which United States President George W. Bush is assassinated. One can view this movie in many different ways, largely based on their political orientation. Is this something that could conceivably happen is a question that individuals should pose. United States Presidents have been assassinated in the past, including Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Would Dick Chaney, the current Vice President, ascend to the Presidency upon the death of Bush? Yes, that’s a structural fact. Would a polarizing even such as the death of a President allow for an individual like Chaney to push through what one can only believe is eir own policy desires? It happened with the first iteration of the PATRIOT Act, and one can only imagine that the outrage would be greater if the events in the film actually happened. Continue reading “Death of A President”

Enter Shikari Take the Punk World by Storm

“The most exciting band I’ve seen since the early Sex Pistols gigs back in 76/77” – Tony Wilson RIP

Tony Wilson a man who inspired the DIY ethic and celebrated what it is to be independent in the music industry, and who sadly passed away recently, had been championing one band through out his last year, a band whom in many ways he shared much in common with.

“I was thinking about the best band in the world the other night. They’re these young kids from St Albans just north of London and they are quite simply the best band in the world today. (By a fucking mile; and the last time I was wrong was when I gave Neil Young’s Harvest a bad review in my university newspaper, which I regretted two weeks later and have agonised over ever since). I have not got an art judgement wrong since so you can believe me. I saw Enter Shikari live last October, before I got ill with cancer, and the sight of these boys on stage with 200 15 year old kids with glow-sticks and glow rings going fucking berserk was the most exciting band I’ve seen since the early Sex Pistols gigs back in ‘76”. And we all know Tony must have seen a lot of bands during those years.

Tony continues “and as with any band who capture a new generational spirit, God has given them the gift
of melody. I never understand how that comes about, but that’s a different essay. This is about the return
of the object, the creation of something that gives you your little bit of the group, to have and to hold, from this day forth. The most exciting phenomenon in modern music.”

And in true punk rock form, Enter Shikari like Tony Wilson, both dared to take the unbeaten track and follow their instincts rather than follow the hum drum mediocratic rock and roll rule books. In 2003, as soon as school finished, they climbed in the van, hit the road, and never come home since. They formed a band that they hoped would reignite unity into the music scene and ultimately into people lives. And this was no hidden agenda as they started by fusing many different genres and styles together to form their own sound. Continue reading “Enter Shikari Take the Punk World by Storm”

OST: Kyle XY

OST: Kyle XY / 2007 ABC Family / 14 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/kylexy

I know that a lot of individuals are really into Kyle XY. I never got to watch the show because it didn’t seem like something that would be too terribly interesting to me, and I didn’t even have cable until last month. Regardless, the disc has a who’s who of solid indie rock, alternative rock, and emo bands. Earlimart, OAR, Mates of State, Sherwood, and Kate Voegele all represent individuals and groups that have garnered some serious media attention, the presence of these individuals only will help relative newcomers like Mariana’s Trench, Sean Hayes, In-Flight Safety, and April Matson.

The 88’s “Hide Another Mistake” blends together a sixties type of pop sound (think “Green Tamborine”) with a more current alternative rock sound (think OK Go). Despite the fact that Earlimart has likely not had much in the way of contact with The 88, their “Nevermind The Phonecalls” continues the very hip and catchy type of indie rock sound for this soundtrack. In-Flight Safety has crafted for themselves during “Surround” a sound that blends together Coldplay and U2, to the point that I really thought that the track was coming from one of those two acts. The only thing that distinguishes them from those acts is the incorporation of a little bit more electronic sound. Continuing along with the electronic influence is Irving’s “I’ll Write The Song, You Sing For Me”.

The individuals that put together this album knew exactly how to weave a narrative through distinct tracks, and it is this attention to details that makes the tracks much stronger than their constituent parts. Irving’s track is the first high point during this soundtrack. This is not to say that the rest of the tracks on this soundtrack were weak, but they did not shine nearly as brightly as the Irving song. OAR’s track breaks any rut that the disc was in, and replaces it with the same general jam band sound that they are known for. The track goes back to the indie rock meets cold, calculating synthesizer with Cimber’s “Bug Bear”. The slight breaks in the overall tone of the disc ensures that individuals will be able to stick with the disc throughout all of its’ cuts. Check out the Kyle XY CD if you want to hear some new acts, and be taken away on the current brand of indie rock that is all the rage in college circles.

Mates of State “So Many Ways”, Irving “I’ll Write The Song”

Rating: 6.8/10

The Wildbirds Tour the United States

On the run across the USA

Every now and then a band comes along to shake things up a little. A band that every guy secretly wants to be and one that every girl secretly wants to be with.

Within minutes of jumping on stage, swarms of men are bobbing their heads and shaking their legs to the raw and bluesy rock n roll rhythms and riffs of The Wildbirds. Minutes after they exit the stage, swarms of Anita Pallenberg type beauties are stealing them away to show them their home-town, coolest dive bars and favorite juke box songs before the band roll on to another state. Continue reading “The Wildbirds Tour the United States”

Chris Adler and Jason Bittner – Live At Modern Drummer Festival 2005

Chris Adler and Jason Bittner – Live At Modern Drummer Festival 2005 / 2006 MVD / http://www.moderndrummer.com / http://www.mvdb2b.com / Reviewed 05 May 2006

This is not what I expected from a drumming clinic. Instead of just being a drummer taken out of context, the performances during this DVD have a live guitarist that works with them to show the interplay between the two instruments. While there are panoramic shots aplenty during this DVD, what is much more common is a shot behind the kit, so that listeners can see exactly what is going on. This allows present and future drummers to get an idea how to play some of these tracks and learn a proper format. Continue reading “Chris Adler and Jason Bittner – Live At Modern Drummer Festival 2005”

Chthonic Hold “Unlimited New York” Concert

Taiwanese band ChthoniC — who will complete their stint as the first-ever Asian extreme metal act to tour with Ozzfest this week — will continue their historic “UNlimited” tour next month, when they will perform their first headlining concerts in America. Continue reading “Chthonic Hold “Unlimited New York” Concert”